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White water rafting jinja is a must Visit Uganda Safari, With the Nile River Explorers welcoming you to Jinja. East Africa’s Adventure Capital that is home to some of the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting and other adventure activities found nowhere else. Whether you are a first-timer, family or high adventure enthusiast, you’ll find your perfect white water adventure here with Nile River Explorers.

Make Your Life an Adventure, Free Photos & Videos Instantly After Your Trip. Check out the best moments & excitement while Rafting & Kayaking the white waters on River Nile, Jinja, Uganda. Trips take 3-5 hours. It’ll beat you, challenge you and have you screaming for more, and if you get too close it will suck you in and spit you straight back out again. This is river rafting – Kingsley Holgate style!

Choose to paddle on your White water rafting jinja Safari as part of the team or opt for a softer option and be rowed downstream by our professional guides in the safety raft. Enjoy snacks mid stream on the Nile and a mouth–watering BBQ on our adventure island.

The source of River Nile, bonds you to the historic source of life gushing 4,000 miles across Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, with exceedingly beautiful eye sights, as you float passed the Nilem you see unique and ancient sporadic tufts of trees and the pristine woodlands isolated alone all in a melody of silence. For birders, it’s your turn to sight at the hundreds of loving water, You will be welcomed by the most seen cormorants and monkeys.

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