What to do and see in Sezibwa falls Uganda

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Sezibwa falls are one of the small destinations little known but with Vast thrilling insights, perhaps one Studying the traditions of a rich historical culture, Buganda Kingdom would usher you with lots of Cultural heritages. Did you know that Sezibwa falls is believed to be the first twin to be born in Buganda Kingdom.

The history of Seziibwa falls has much to make you understand the Cultural and heritages of Buganda Kingdom. Just a few kilometres from the Main road on the Kampala-Mukono highway, you branch off through the zig-zap turmac road, bumpy to make you feel a typical African Massage, the Uganda birds will ready to whirl around escorting you through the Sugar Cane plantations. On your lucky you might spot out some of the Species like Mongoose nearby the roads or even Monkeys. The most common birds include; the cranes, Kingfishers, Pelicans, Warblers, gonoleks and many more.

Historical Facts about Sezibwa falls

In the heart of Mukono district, there sits River sezibwa that flows into Lake Kyoga, River Sezibwa is believed to be a Historical art that embraces the Buganda Kingdoms heritages, River Sezibwa is believed to have been borne by Nakangu Tibatesa, the wife of Nsubuga Sebwaato in Kawuna, Ngongwe, around the time of the Christian biblical prophet Isaiah. The . The nature of its birth makes the river a cultural symbol of great importance to Buganda’s heritage.

Getting to Sezibwa falls

Drive about 2.5 kilometres off the Kampala-Mukono-Jinja Highway which is about 19 kilometres east of Mukono town. The falls feed the natural forest reserve, the different species of Bamboo trees. There is a forest trail that has a wonderful picturesque and perhaps one of the best scenes to get amazing photo captions.

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