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Enjoy Uganda Volcano mountain climbing experiencing the best mountaineering Safaris in Uganda as you test your strength over the Uganda Mountains hiking the thrusting spires of naked rocks into the heavens so high that you would believe the very sky was pierced.

Uganda mountaineering safari is one of the rewarding safaris that you should try on your mountain hiking safari, Mountaineering is a vigorous tiresome adventure though rewarding as you trail through the ridges down towards a patch of carpeted grasslands and the thick afro-montane forests congested by ferns, spruce, acacia trees, mahogany trees and other tree species.

Well, hiking is not all about hiking to the summit, No, it’s rather hiking to experience a mountaineering adventure, and beginners have a chance to enjoy short hikes where they also experience the world at ease especially in the most popular Mountaineering Uganda safari Mountains like. Mountain Elgon, Mountain Rwenzori and the volcanoes ranges

Volcano Mountaineering Uganda- Day trips from the land of Kisoro City

Uganda Africa Adventure Travellers, a reputable Uganda Safari travel tour agency takes you to the starting points for your hiking safari, the mountaineering adventure exposes you to the popular hiked mountains of Mountain Muhavura (standing 4127m) takes you through a 12km trail hiking the mountain, Mountain Gahinga (with a summit of 3414m) and takeing averagely 6 hours to climb. There stands also Mountain Sabyinyo raised to a summit of 3669m and can take us 14km to the summit which is averagely an 8 hours walk

Best Mountaineering Uganda areas, Where to go, mountain Climbing gears

Hiking Mountain Elgon- Mountaineering Mount Elgon

Mountain Elgon: Mountaineering Elgon is adventurous, there are four hiking trails depending on your hiking experience:

Mountain Elgon Sasa Trail mountain Climbing

This is the most closest and direct trail and takes you 4 days to hike up to the summit starting from the lower Budadiri regions nearby Mbale town to Wagigi peak which takes us to a hiking elevation of 1600m up to this hill on your first day. Trail through beneath the jutting stone ledge incorporated with large tracts of bamboo trees and other forest species

Mount Elgon Sipi Trail mountain Climbing

The Sipi trail is a tiresome but adventurous 7 days trail through the carpeted grasslands from the Kapkwai full of reverting adventures in the forest exploration centre just an arm away from the Uganda’s adventurous Sipi falls, you will encounter with the historical Tatum cave with memorable records.

Mount Elgon Piswa Trail mountain Climbing

The stunning 7 days piswa trail is a life giving adventure and the longest trail that takes you about 30km down the elevating relief with a comparable terrain following the open grasslands trailing on the route to the summit.

Mount Elgon Suam Trail mountain Climbing

The Mount Elgon Suam is the longest route, and not always used but it has magnificent adventures to encounter with. A short route down the local village rewards you with scenic activities to have a look at especially towards the kenya border. The route meanders towards the Suam River which plays a great role to the locals. Proceed to the touristic hot springs that explain the geology of Uganda.

How about if you trail ascending to the other trail

It’s possible to vary your hike by ascending from one trail and descending to another here are possibilities and time duration: Ascend Sasa Trail& Descend via Sipi Trail (5 days), Ascend sasa Trail & Descend via Piswa Trail (6 days), Ascend Sipi Trail & Descend via Piswa Trail (7 days)

Hiking Rwenzori Mountains – Mountains of the Moon

Much of the Snow Capped Rwenzori Mountains in Kasese western part of Uganda, can be climbed by anyone who is reasonably fit without special equipment other than good hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing. However most of the higher peaks and certain other sections do require mountaineering equipment and previous experience.

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