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African Adventure Travellers’s story success is one that reads like a prefect fairly tale. Visiting Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo with African Adventure Travellers should be one to consider. Taking you numerous Uganda Adventure Safaris, Visiting the most unfully spoiled vegetation rest assured of having it all as mentioned on your Itinerary

In 1997, the Director, Mr. Robert Mugabe was a humble tour guide at Kasubi tombs while in his S.4, getting absorbed to the whole City life as well planning a good hotspot for the visiting travelers at his early lage, 13 years later he was a proud owner of African Adventure Travellers Limited, a tour company. The director Speaks, “Because many people used to flock Kasubi tombs, I realised I could make a fortunate out of tourism. I started saving some money until 2010 when I started my company.”

He explains that before, he only lived at Kasubi tombs as any ordinary person before realising that he could become a tour guide, a position that placed him strategically to reap from the tourism sector.

There us an authentic taste you get showered with African Adventure travellers right away from the Pick up, through its getaway destinations that truly have it all. Most Visitors tailor their Safari trips to include the most visited Murchison falls Savannah park with it’s un ending offerings the most seen tree climbing lions in Ishasha, and then crossing on the borders of the Savannah to visit Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park – Well, np single word can define the serene inviting picturesque of this region, with its mountain Gorillas and the community Visits in Bwindi- it makes it Spectacular.

Escape to one of our luxury Lodges, some dotted and accessed in the some of the segregated Parts in the Savannah not to let you miss out any nature offering, choose from up to 200 indoor and outdoor activities, make a splash in our world-famous Subtropical Swimming Paradise, and dine in a range of restaurants. Open 365 days a year, every short break as you visit and travel with African Adventure travellrs on your tailored Africa Safari.

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