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Source of the River Nile is found in Jinja town and has a number of activities to venture in, breath taking sites, African foods from different cultures to try out not forgetting the famous Nile perch. Among the various things to do around the source of the River Nile we have bird watching, here you get to see various species of birds, the famous white water rafting, kayaking, a gentle boat ride, quad biking, bungee jumping, horse ridingand the list goes on. This makes Jinja the adventure capital of Uganda.

The waters of the Nile meander around numerous small islands from flowing with calmness as they gradually increase their intensity over the rocks, the surging flow shoves through the gorges which burst into a multitude of rapids complimented by a series of fascinating waterfalls. One of the main falls produced is the famous Itanda falls and Kalagala falls. The vegetation around adds an enchanting feeling as the birds float, swim and fly over the Nile. You can also watch from distance entertainers in the water as well as the rafters as they venture the different levels of rapids in the white waters of the Nile in Jinja Uganda

You will find that other places beyondLake Victoria also claim to be the source of the great River Nile. According to the first European explorer to discover the Nile, John Speke, found out that 30% of the Nile waters come from a specific spot underground just a few meters away from Lake Victoria. At this very spot, you will observe the water bubbles that really show there is water coming from underground. Lake Victoria and other water bodies contribute to the remaining 70%.

Why Visit Uganda the source of the River Nile –Activities on the source of River Nile

Visitation to the famous major rivers: the white and Blue Nile: The magnificent flow of Blue Nile empties into Khartoum where it spreads its base to form the Nile comprised of the Cataract Nile and the Egypt’s Nile. Whereas, the White Nile being the longest, headwaters and the primary stream of the Nile, it opens up a phenomenon plateau lake, covers the central sudan and forms the Sudd

The Hydro-Electric Power Generation: Observe the rotating mega turbines that do produce megawatts that provide electricity to the natives in the country. The pouring falls help rotate the turbines which in turn convert physical energy to electrical energy. Be part to see the whole process.

Wildlife at the source of the River Nile: There are numerous aquatic life like the Nile crocodiles, hippos, buffalos, Hyenas, wild pigs, Birds over 400 species like the fish eagle, owls, bats, Grebes, Cormorants, Darters, herons, pelicans, egrets, the rare shoebill and many more.

Other Tourist activities at the Source of River Nile: The outrageous inviting source of the Nile is a must watch for one intending to Visit Uganda due to the blain storming Uganda safari activities: Nature Views of the Unwinding Golf Course along the Nile Banks provides a focal view to the neighboring Lake victoria’s outlet flow to this vicinity, water rafting, bungee jumping, Kayaking, Source of the Nile boat rides, Sport fishing, Sun bathing, Birding.

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