Visit Semuliki’s female and male hot springs, Sempaya Hot springs

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Visit Semuliki National Park‘s ancient female and male Sempaya hot springs with a rich touristic hub and a place that has a long history stunning to listen to. The hot springs co-exist as female and male, with the locals knowing all of its origin. Sempaya hot springs is a place to be in, the locals have a clear myth about this place. They say that the “Sempaya” name originated from a Kiswahili phrase “Sehemu mbaya” which literally means the “difficult side” due to its undefined terrain and the challenging rocks standing all alone in a majestic awe. The construction of the Fort Portal Bundibugyo road along the ridges of the Rwenzori Mountains left the rocks piled around the place.

Most of the scientists who visit the sempaya hot springs find their own ways to describe the nature and origin of the hot springs, with most of them describing the Sempaya hotsprings to have been produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust whereas to the locals have a unique way to make you understand an authentic experience. With the indigenous local Bamaga clan neighboring the tourist attraction in Semuliki National Park having their own story from the folk lore.

The head of the Bamaga clan Mzee Adonia Balinsanga happened to narrate that, the site of the steaming male hot spring is historical with unending insights and perhaps one of the African rich heritages overthought of in the region, that it said the Bamaga women who had gone to fetch firewood from the forest, sighted a hairy man dressed in bark cloth wielding a spear and with dog moving in undefined zig-zag formation around that location thus they had to run back home just as any African raised girl would have done. They rushed back home to tell their husbands, Because of the way how Africans live, the husbands to these women went and met this man, they welcomed him and offered him refugee in their homes and subsequently got him a wife from the same village.

The Man from the forest, later to be known as Biteete, continued hunting from the forest, it’s not until that one day, that he went for hunting and never returned home. After three days, the men went out to search for him and at the present day male hot spring, and they only found a spear but no traces of the man nor his dog. It was assumed he had disappeared from the same spot ad they ran back to tell the wife (Nyansimbi) who also ran to the forest never to return. In the subsequent search, only her clothes were found at the present day female hot spring. This was how the two springs became to be known as the male and female hot springs and to-date the Bamaga believe their female ancestors live beneath the female hot spring while their male ancestors live at the male spring. This is why the Bamaga perform annual rituals at the springs to appease their ancestors and the national park allows them access. Come visit these sites to feel the traditions of Africa.

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