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VisitRwanda Country a compelling landlocked Sovereign State that Confines its beauty in the Central and East Africa provinces having its capital City Kigali in the centre of Rwanda. Its smallest nature among the Countries on the African mainland doesn’t limit its winning attractions being more adventurous especially as seen enjoyed by a “muzungu”.

Rwanda’s population is generally predominantly to be rural, and it’s recorded to be one of the Countries in Africa with high densities, the natives are called Banywaranda, however with in them, there exist 3 subgroups ie Tutsi, Hutu and Twa. Well, on your Safari tour to Rwanda, you will encounter with the Twa societies believed to be the forest-dwelling pygmy people- the earliest inhabitants.

Rwanda’s 1994 genocide is believed to have claimed lives of thousands of people as seen in the historical where body remains like the thousands of skulls in the Rwanda Genocide memorial centres. Its clearly stated that in 1959, the hutu revolted and massacred hundreds of Tutsi, there after established an independent Hutu State in 1962. Later, the Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) retaliated back and launched a civil war in 1990, the terror worsened in 1994, in which Hutu extremists killed an estimated 500,000 to 1.3 million Tutsi and moderate Hutu. The RPF under the leadership of the on current President H.E Paul Kagame ended the genocide with a military victory

Rwanda Location and its Geographical boundaries.

This country registers its position among the African Great lakes region, it’s located just a few degrees away south of the Spreading East African Equator line, this magnificently boosts  the climatic conditions in the diaspora of this winning area which has culminated to thrusting spires of naked rocks into the heavens so high that you would believe the very sky was pierced.

The great nature of this country is hugged by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, these countries justify the being of this country. Some of the Tourist attractions partner the relationship of these east African countries. Being in the African Great Lakes position, It is seen with clear elevations, distant harsh mountains composed of granite, covered with thorny shrubs and acacia trees are seen in the western side, and then the savannah plains in the east with a mouth of thick sulfurous streams of lakes.

The Rwanda’s Climate is full of cold waves, temperate to subtropical and has two seasons; rainy and dry seasons. The rainy seasons occurs twice in a year, the dry season also occurring twice in a year. It experiences daily temperature ranges which are usually between 12 and 27 °C with little variation through the year.

The cloud mist lifted in the western and northern mountains tend to be cooler than the eastern lower-lying. It’s on record that it sits on 26,338 square kilometers of land thus attaining its rank position 149th largest country in the whole world, In Africa-it’s the 4th smallest country. It makes its lowest point at River Rusizi marked to be 950 m above sea level. The highest points recorded by its thrusting spires of naked rock mountain peaks found in the northwest wards of this country – , with a highest point, at 4,507 metres (14,787 ft).

Spreading to the western part of this country, the elevated planes of about 1,500 to 2,500 metres are seen rolling with in the twisted with in the ecoregion especially Ruhengeri area adjacent to the adventurous , the life giving cities like Gisenyi, Kibuye-An amazing safari here includes boat rides to Napolean Island in the lake, as well Primates trekking in the Nyungwe Forest dominated by the rare mountain Gorillas, L’Hoest’s monkey, sub-species of the Hamlyn’s monkey and many endemic species of butterflies and birds, and not forgetting the Chapin’s flycatchers, Grauer’s warblers and the Ruwenzori turaco, Lendu Plateau clawed frog.

Catch the shimmering of waves that caught the sunlight like scales between Congo and the Nile basins that empty from the North plunging Southwards via this winning country. The biggest part of here drains into the Nile, the other part pouring into Congo through the winning River Rusizi and Tanganyika. Your Rwanda safari takes you to the Longest Country’s river Nyabarongo which is a famous river, it’s a mother to many out flowing outlets, the coiling of its muscular currents rise south west, then flows north, east and south east wards, then merges with Ruvubu to form the prominent .

What to See in Rwanda- Tourist Attractions

Browse through our top 14 best things to do in Rwanda along the best place you should visit, the amazing spots make you really feel a second home away from home.  Visit Musanze Caves, Boat Safaris, Kayaking and canoeing on lakes, Culture encounters, Canopy walk, Hiking Virunga Mountains, Primates Trekking, Gorilla watching and so many, our reputable East African tour agency customizes your Safari to these touristic zones.

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