What to do and see in virunga Mountain Ranges

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What to do and see in Virunga Mountain Ranges

Virunga Mountain Ranges offer the best Virunga Adventures hiking destinations in the pearl of Africa, not forgetting that, they habituate the largest number of Mountain Gorillas and numerous wildlife species that are worthy a man’s eye sight, one travelling to the pearl of Africa should consider a short visit to the rumbling Virunga mountain ranges roaring in a clear beautifully scenery with whitish waves surging down into an all alone wilderness appearing to posses the nature’s recipes just like the way how Africa used to be 50 years ago

What to do and see in Virunga Mountain Ranges

Gorilla trekking Virunga is the main activity in Virunga Adventures with the highest engendered Mountain gorillas only left in the world. After the briefing at the park headquarters, meet the game ranger, have an encounter to experience the day to day life in the forest how they feed, groom, play and feed their young ones the trek takes about 3 hours to find them and your only allowed to spend one hour with the wild apes.

Nature walks Virunga is also done in Virunga national park where you trail various paths to spot of different species including trees, birds relaxing from the city noise and feel stress free as you hear different songs of birds well you follow another path in the Virunga national park like the Gorilla orphanage centre at Senkwekwe which is near the park head quarter were you will experience the 4 Gorillas that were saved by the game rangers during poaching.

Birding Virunga is another activity carried out in Virunga national park with various bird species which wake up as early as early as 5pm to sing songs which make you completely to come out of bed and hear the sounds of birds in their natural habitat it’s an amazing experience of different bird species including the Narrow tailed stiles, yellow billed barbet, toothed barbet, Madagascar scar bee eater, grey throated barbet, and many more.

Chimpanzee habituation in Virunga started in 2014 the trekking takes place as   early as 6am the time to prepare for the chimpanzee trekking where your to experience their day to day life although a guideline is set in order to advise visitors to cancel in case their sick with air born diseases like flue, cough, fever, diarrhoea   chimpanzees are extremely susceptible to human illness .before the chimpanzee trek you must pay for the chimpanzee permit.

Mount Nyiragongo hike, includes stunning mountain hiking to the  beautiful volcanoes dusted at all time with snow that features the world’s largest Lava Lake in the world. This is the most prefered Mountain Hiking destinations in the virunga Mountain Ranges on a Mountain Hiking Safari. It’s a home to animals including the chimpanzees, monkeys and bush bucks, the climb usually begins at 10am the trekkers.

This lava lake is recorded to have erupted in 1882 about 34 times with the near Nyamuragira which are both responsible for the 40% of Africa’s history of eruption. Nyiragongo is covered in a land of 3,470 meters in the Virunga mountains north town of Goma and west park of Lake Kivu at the boarder of Rwanda the crate that contains the lava lake is about 2km wide. Visit the Nyiragongo to have an experience of the lava lake in Africa. There options of accommodation for those who would wish to stay for an overnight at the park.
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