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A detailed Mountain Hike guide to the inspiring volcanic mountain ranges of Uganda gives you an inspiring adventure to hike Uganda Volcanic Mountains. Volcanoes in Uganda are characterized by their nature of existence.

Well, the word volcano is an ancient word derived from Vulcano, this was an island believed to be in Aeolian Islands of Italy whose name signify its origin from Vulcan literally meaning the “the god of fire” as believed by the Roman mythology. It’s catchy that you can invest your attention to these terrifying land forms in the pearl of Africa Uganda with numerous Uganda Volcanic Mountains.

Hiking Uganda Volcanic Mountains

Uganda has active and extinct volcanoes, Hiking Uganda Volcanic Mountains is adventurous, it invites thousands of tourists, in highest peaks seeing Muzungu visiting the striking Uganda Volcanoes. Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris are customized in days for Honeymooners, Mountain Hiking groups, individuals, families, friends or holiday makers. All you need is the best Uganda tour Company for your Uganda Safari to hike the pleasurable Uganda Mountains.

The Uganda Volcanic Mountain tour trips allure you to beautifully standing Conical Mountain ridges spewing lava from the earth’s Mantle, The best place for your immediate affection is the spottable , and you shouldn’t miss out this epic picturesque.

Hike Uganda Mountains, observe the highland plateaus, Cones, See the pleasing rugged peaks formed as a result of lava domes, and Reach the Mountain Summit, as well seeing Uganda Mountain Gorillas, Uganda Mountain wildlife and other interesting Uganda Mountain Activities.

List of volcanoes in Uganda, Best Mountaineering destinations

Name Elevation Location
meters feet Coordinates
Bufumbira 2440 8005 1°14′S 29°43′E / 1.23°S 29.72°E / -1.23; 29.72 (Bufumbira)
Rubanda-Kikoombe 1.17S 29.84E
Bunyaruguru Field 1554 5098 0°12′S 30°05′E / 0.20°S 30.08°E / -0.20; 30.08 (Bunyaruguru Field)
Mount Elgon 4321 14,178 1°06′S 34°30′E / 1.1°S 34.5°E / -1.1; 34.5 (Mount Elgon)
Fort Portal Field 1524 5000 0°42′N 30°15′E / 0.70°N 30.25°E / 0.70; 30.25 (Fort Portal Field)
Mount Katunga 1707 5600 0°28′S 30°11′E / 0.47°S 30.18°E / -0.47; 30.18 (Katunga)
Katwe-Kikorongo Field 1067 3501 0°05′S 29°55′E / 0.08°S 29.92°E / -0.08; 29.92 (Katwe-Kikorongo Field)
Kyatwa Volcanic Field 1430 4692 0°27′N 30°15′E / 0.45°N 30.25°E / 0.45; 30.25 (Kyatwa Volcanic Field)
Mount Muhavura 4127 13,450 1°23′S 29°40′E / 1.38°S 29.67°E / -1.38; 29.67 (Mount Muhavura)

Other Mountain Hiking Places include mountain ranges like mountains of the moon- Mout Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, Mount Kilimanjaro and Many Mountains. We can also arrange a hiking Safari to any place around East Africa to suit your adventure. Don’t sit and watch, let’s have you in the famous East African books to have you pinned among the top most hikers in East Africa. Its possible to arrange for you Mountain Hiking kenya or Mountain Hiking Rwanda safaris

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