Kasese City Uganda Western Region

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The Inviting Kasese town hugs the cooperative beauty of Uganda in the Western Region full of dramatic winning Uganda tourist attractions. The Kasese City points its position to the northern section of Lake George and is the gateway to the arresting Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The town became the main popular chief town in Kasese District years back due to the rise of the copper deposits in the Kilemebe. The need to mine Copper lead to the establishment of numerous infrastructures later turning the centre to Cobalt Mining that expansively supported the development of the town.

Kasese town can be reached just 345 kilometres by road from the Capital of Uganda- Kampala, then can also be accessed by road north of Mpondwe- the border town at the international border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, just in a distance of about 61 kilometres. Kasese records its winning position being the largest town in the officiated Rwenzururu region under the cultural king’s leadership of Charles Mumbere. It’s notably seen that the district headquarters are in this inspiring town.

The nature of the Great sandstones outcropping in the kasese area are a must tour scene for your kasese adventure that opens your attention to cloud mist lifted with the dull patches of red glowing far beyond the cliffs. The Kasese Visit takes you to its foot prints on the western end of the prominent Uganda Railway in its close proximity, the chain stems from this town making its way through the squeezing escarpments of Tororo making it to Kampala City.

As you follow the escarpment ridge down towards a patch of grass with eroded soils just a step away from the town, the adventurous Queen Elizabeth National Park is mouth-watering to your attention, the Park is the most highly National Park in Uganda as seen by the daily Muzungu visiting it.

In a short distance of your sight from Kasese town, there also stands the mountains of the moon-Mountain Rwenzori thrusting spires of naked rocks pointing into the heavens so high that you would believe the very sky was pierced, the mountain offers numerous Mountain Rwenzori activities like Mountain Rwenzori Hiking, Mountain Rwenzori wildlife in the Rwenzori National Park

Kasaese town only is believed to be sheltering a statistical recorded population of 101,679 as recorded by the responsible Uganda Statistical Organisation, the town is believed to be among the fastest growing Municipalities in Uganda.

Key Interesting points about Kasese town.

Kilembe Mines. A customized Uganda Safari takes you to the Kilembe Mines, observe the meandering thick sulfurous streams of water around the mining area as well as learning the first steps of copper processing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: The prepossessing National Park is the Leading most visited National in Uganda, our customised queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safari take you to the dense  stands of mulga woodlands inhabited by numerous wildlife like Lions, Leopards, Zebras, Hippos in the spanning features of Maramagambo Forest, the Kyambura Game Reserve, the Kibale National Park in Uganda-known for Uganda Chimpanzee tracking, and the Virunga National Park-Known for Uganda Gorilla trekking Safaris in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hima Cement Limited: This is a popular cement manufacturer in Uganda, tour and learn how Uganda Cement is manufactured from the limestone quarry core source then processed to the  packaging Units in Hima town just 334 kilometres, by road from west of Kampala

Kasese Airport: Visit the Rwenzori Mountains foothills to see the Airport. One can fly from Entebbe International Airport Westwards in a close distance of 261 kilometres, see the single grass runway that measures 1,600 metres and more interesting things around.

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