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Uganda Martyrs trail is a splendid catalogue, an exclusive faith tourism experience with much to illustrate in addition to Uganda’s wider perspective of culture found nowhere else. The trail is an immense chance for all travellers to marvel through the first christian missionaries, and the martyrs trail that moves up the hilly area ending up at Namungongo, east of Kampala city, a memorable avenue for the most of the Uganda martyrs who were burnt.

There is much to recall about in the christian faith, every year 3rd June the country remembers this day, Uganda and the rest of the christian world commemorate the Uganda Martyrs, Our guide will brief you about the Kabaka Mwanga who was resistant to the bythen up rising christian faith, thus ordering this massacre. Of the 45 Uganda Martyrs, 22 are today saints in the roman catholic church, the other 23 are from the Anglican Church of Uganda.

King Mwanga couldn’t bare this, he ordered the christian converts to choose between the new faith and complete obedience to his orders. Those who were unwilling to renounce their faith where subjected to death at Namugongo on 3rd / June / 1886. Pope Paul VI on October 18, 1964 was honored and declared these innocent souls as Saints recognised by the Catholic Church. This gave the believers in this religion a source of pride throughout the continent

Hundreds of people from across the world visit this place each year, Notforgetting that three Popes including the current Pope Francis visited this place-Namugongo shrine and the Uganda Marrtyrs Museum. There are trained guides with a historical background, they will take you through the whole place.

Proceed to the “Burning place” to witness at the ground where the Martyrs were burnt from. It’s an open place for you to take your photo captions for your future memories. The quite

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