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A Leopard is one of the biggest cats in the Savannah wilderness, it has short legs and a long body with a large skull similar to that of jaguar but small with lighter physique. Uganda leopards are the hardest largest species to observe but thanks to their solitary behavior and their camouflaged coat. The fur is soft and thick, it’s more often confused with the cheater, and they live in a wide variety of habitats like , , and many others

Uganda Leopards have the ability to climb trees while carrying their heavy prey, the leopards feed on warm blooded prey from mice, hares , antelopes, birds, reptiles, rodents and even insects. Well, the Uganda wild cats, if they live close to people they can attack domestic animals and pets such as dogs, cows, and goats and may even claim man’s life. A leopard is strong and good at swimming when it wants to hunt the fish and consume them. On your lucky , you can spot out wild cats busy hunting for fish in the deepfresh waters especially on a Murchison falls safari, Kidepo National Park Safari and Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari. Uganda Leopard Males’ weigh 37-90kg, 60-70cm in height while females weigh 28-60kgs, 57-64cm in height it can run a race of about 58km/hr, A stunning mass to out compete for prey in its territory.

Uganda Leopard’s Reproduction

Females mate with 1-3 males by attracting the male by the smell of her urine, they go through a gestation period of 90-105days.The female will produce 1-6 cubs. Well, the average number is always 2-3 cubs, each cub weighs 1-2 pounds but they are always born blind with their eyes closed at 4-9 days.

The Cubs stay hidden until when their 6-8 weeks old and start following their mother, she will nurse the cubs jealously from 3 months upto roughly 18-24 months.  The mother will live for 36 hours hunting and feeding before returning to suckle them it will also bring solid food at 3 weeks.

Leopards become sexually mature at 2-3 years and males live their mother to start their independent life.  While the females will stay close to their mothers. The heat Period will begin after previous littler has left home. A leopard goes through a reproduction system throughout the year and a life span of 20 years in captivity.

They are threatened by humans who kill them for trophies and pests, although they keephiding in the caves and trees and hunt at night they also avoid lions since they hunt and kill them at night however cubs are more vulnerable and preyed on by lions, tigers, hyenas, African wild dogs.


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Visit Rwanda Leopards, Uganda Leopards, Kenya Leopards and Congo Leopards Impenetrable Forest 2017African Adventure Travellers
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Uganda Leopards, Uganda wild cats, wildlife
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Uganda Leopards, Uganda wild cats, wildlife

Although the lions are seen regularly, you will need bit more fortune to see the leopard, they’re shy secretive animals that camouflage and hide on trees or caves. Well, don’t be discouraged before Uganda safari, you never know what you will see around the next bend to see in the African wilderness of Uganda, it will be a great blessing since they are the hardest to find.

These camouflage animals can be found in Uganda’s habitat national parks, you can ’s oldest and largest national park in Uganda, Murchison falls national park which is 305km from Kampala, the park can be reached by road by using a vehicle and a ferry which runs roughly intervals throughout the day, the southern entrance gates, and the northern entrance gate or by air travel.

Although it’s difficult to observe them but during your Murchison falls game drive, Murchison falls boat cross and balloon air flight-panorama view in the national park, a well informed and professional Uganda Safari tour guide will helpyou out by spotting out the leopards in the park.

Queen Elizabeth National park, Uganda’s most populated tourist destination found in western Uganda engross your love for leopards, you will have to spot them out during your game drive with the helpof a professional guide.

Lake Mburo national park, it lies in and western part of Uganda, it takes 228 km from the capital city of Uganda, book a Uganda tour/safari by a reputable Uganda tour travel operator to visit the leopards nearest park from Kampala.

Semuliki National park can be reached from fort portal via mubende, and its 57km from fort Portal, this a gracious magnificent for Uganda leopards, be assured to spot out the climbing leopards on your game drive.

Kidepo National park Uganda, Uganda’s hot, dry and isolated National Park when discovered, the flat plains with the numerous and savanna Vegetation is a winning hide out for the shy Uganda Leopards.

Conclusively, Leopards have increasingly to be one of the shy dominating wild cats, Your Uganda Safari, Rwanda Safari, Congo Safari and shall arrest your mind to the amazing species of leopards in the wildlife habitats in National Parks.

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