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Uganda Bunyoro Kingdom western Uganda forming part of the western Uganda. Way back, it was seen as one of the most powerful Kingdoms in Central and East Africa having their subjects mastering the honor of the Omukama-King of the Bunyoro territory in the late 1th century up to the 19th century.

Map of Bunyoro Kindom - Bunyoro Kitara KingdomThe King of Bunyoro Kingdom is termed as the Omukama of Bunyoro, the current Omukama being the current 2017 ruler Solomon Iguru 1, believed to be the 27th King ever since the existence of this inviting Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, normally addressed as Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I

The Omukama is believed to be addressed in many titles like Omukama of The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, Ruler of Hoima, Masindi, Kibaale, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Kagadi and Kakumiro, The Grandson of Kabalega, The Healer, The Orphan Protector, The Hater of Rebellion, The Lion of Bunyoro, The Hero of Bunyoro, The Defender and Protector of Banyoro Culture, The Hero of Kabalega, The Defender and Protector of Banyoro Oral Tradition, The Defender of Traditional African Religions, The Defender of the Religions and other interesting tittles.

It’s believed that years back, the Kingdom was a perfect depression to cost you a smile, people were organised basing on their ancestral Bunyoro Clans, each clan with a royal clan of the Kings, princess and princesses. The legislative and judicial powers only belonged to the King-His majesty. It’s at one point that, his word by then was highly respected that it almost equated the word of God. The Bunyoro subjects had a big role to manifest, to ensure that the King never lacked anything.

Bunyoro-Kitara Clans were impressive in nature that each clan was entitled to its unique activity to carry up for the honourable King. The shepherds by then known as “Abaliisa” clan were the great shepherds of the cattle-termed as “Enkorogi,” that belonged to the Kings place and so many clan bisections

The Natives of Bunyoro Kingdom are referred to as the “Banyoro” meaning many Banyoro natives or the “Nyoro” referring to one native. These are believed to be using Nyoro (Runyoro) language as their mode of communication.

Traditionally these were known as food gatherers or hunters who preciously were interested in hunting around the Kingdom in forested areas, they enjoyed big game hunting of leopards, elephants, crocodiles and other valuable wildlife.

However recently, the Banyoro have coped up with many supportive economic activities like Agriculture which has in turn adversely supported the natives; they cultivate banana plantations, millet, cotton, tobacco, coffee, yams and rice, among others.

Uganda Safari activities can be arranged or included in your adventurous Safaris as customized by your safari budget, see the famous Omukama, cultural visits as you also get a chance to participate in the Bunyoro clan cultural dances, activities like farming, cooking and so many other, this really gives a memorable experience feeling another home away.

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