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How To Get To Murchison Falls National Park, And Car Hire Uganda Safaris

HOW TO GET THERE: Travel from Kampala to Murchison falls National Park

Thinking of how to get to Murchison falls? You could be wondering if takes your miles to get to this haven of Uganda Safaris that feature on almost every tour undertaken by a Uganda tourist. A traveler using road means, travelling by road to Murchison, one takes approximately 5 hours from the city of fringing adventures to the mothers nature store ) north-western Uganda, spreading inland from the shores of Lake Albert, around the Victoria Nile, up to the .

Travel from Kampala to Murchison falls National ParkThe 5 hours road drive from Kampala to the Park covers just 305 kilometers. With over 21 minutes from the city getting you to Paara covering a road distance of 6.4 kilometers via the Lugogo By-Pass. Paara covers a distance of about 85 km from Masindi town using the shortest route. Our guide will take you through the shortest route not to miss out the invitations from the Savannah.

Direct or longer routes are available, you take a road drive through a haven of unique eye catching events, By pass the main gateway visit Murchison falls national park and on your way, the whole nature of this pastoral scene stands on a defined escarpment just north eastern . As you fill your eyes with a majestic awe on the exceptionally large mahogany tree, you might also be welcomed by numerous forest baboons. Proceed to cover 135 kilometers through the abandoned horizons overlooking the rift valley.

There is also an extra option to visit Paara from the northern wing branching through the chobe Gate, alongside Tangi. The other-gate sits close to Pakwach and extends to cover an area of about 25km2 to penetrate Paara a major gateway to Murchison falls. And then altogether with the Wankwar Gate that is accessed near by Purongo on your Uganda Safari.

Our Murchison falls Safari guide drives you in one of our “Safari beats”, depending on your safari cost, we drive through the Nile and open out Paara for our insight Safari to Murchison. All vehicles are designed for all Safari categories, from our mountaineer vehicles to jungle vehicles. All come in a way to give you a no worry comfort zone. The morning entrace through the Nile to paara is approximately by 07.00 and 19.00.

For travelers on a speedway safari, one can arrange with us, visit murchison falls national park as we guide you accordingly. Get to Murchison falls by air means through our organised charter flights from Kampala tp Pakuba, a major landing site, this takes about 19km’s from paraa and Bugungu covers an area of 13kms from Paraa.

A travel Guide from Kampla to Murchison falls National Park

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