Top things to do and See in Lake Mburo National Park

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Our Information Guide equips you with the trendy top things to do and see in the Savannah wilderness in Kiruhura District Western Region of Uganda, the home of wild Giraffes and Zebras, the only park in Uganda that makes hiking through the park easy and accessible.

Lake Mburo National Park beauty rotates about in the 260 square kilometers and is the best recommended park for short visits from 1 -to 3 days in the Park, Touristic groups like families, honey mooners, researchers, birders and other tourists enjoy the top activities in the Park.

The flawlessly reflecting sun rays in the Park give rise to life at , a step with in the park clogs your attention to the numerous wildlife grazing along the game drive trails. This is the finest resting stop point for most tourists coming from Kampala, or planning to branch to the Prominent especially for .

Well, as you head towards the outskirts of Mburo, you feel the wrath of the best top things to do and see over Mburo whispering in your ears, the Savannah grasslands mixed up with unique vegetation covers can be seen and felt with in the welcoming adjacent park regions that form part of Mburo ecosystem outside the Park.

Top things to do and See in Lake Mburo National Park

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Birding Mburo National Park, Best Place for Birding Uganda Safaris

For bird lovers, this is the finest Uganda Birding Safari destination centre for Birding Uganda Safaris with a chance to trek on foot in the wilderness spying at the Mburo bird species over 300 bird species especially the common carnivorous brown-chested lapwing bird, the African scops owl inhabiting especially wooded habitats and forest edges spanning to Rubanga forest, Abyssinian ground hornbill (and the northern ground hornbill) that can be seen in Mburo open Savannah grasslands, and many more.

Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife

Lake Mburo is a small park that reverts its only squeezed place to host the magnificent Mburo wildlife, feel the iconic breeze just a short distance from as you visit the serrated ridges in the Savannah grasslands habituating a family of about over 70 mammals including warthogs, elands, buffaloes, jackals, hippos, hippos, impalas, monkeys, baboons and many more.

Day and Night Wildlife Game drives for about 1 to 2 hours

The Magical Savannah Mburo offers the best top things to do and see for your memorable day and night wildlife game drives in the park, On to your quest along with an armed game ranger takes you down the scorched valleys to taste the African wilderness, day wildlife game drives gives you a chance to spot at the independent royal zebras only present elsewhere in north-eastern Uganda, the sunny breeze sentences wild animals to graze in broad day light, early morning drives encounters you to the docile hyenas moving out of dens in search for their prey.

Night Game drives are one of the best top things to do and see for a thrilling adventure that gives a memorable experience in Mburo, the so called nocturnal Game drives gears our agility to sight out the roaring night predators like leopards and the lions(have started to come in the park of recent and can sometimes be seen prowling in the park). We shall use spot lights to have a look at the quench hiding nocturnals.

Lake Mburo National Park Boat Safaris

Feel the lake Mburo See breeze floating on the lake, the stinging moment gives a chance to see the grazing lake shore wildlife especially a school of buffaloes. The boat drive ripens our desire with an intriguing look over the water loving birds like kingfishers, herons, African fish eagle and many others, as well visiting the local fishing villages who use canoes to catch fish.

Nature Walks in Mburo National Park / Hiking through Mburo Park.

One would think it’s not possible to trail through the park, Well, Lake Mburo National Park is the only recommended and safe guided park to trail through on foot. Wake up early morning, prepare your hiking boots, move along with the game ranger to spot out the wildlife, encounter with hyenas moving out the dens as they yawn in quest and search for their prey. Other animals can be seen sloping to the side lined meandering Lake Mburo to cool and warm their bodies.

Visiting Rubanga Forest

Rubanga Forest is an iconic centre for bird lovers who visit Mburo Park, the forest has a thick undergrowth incorporated with various Savannah and stances of unique vegetation covering the undergrowth. This is a home to over 50 unique bird species that can be seen nesting on the tree logs and branches. Rubanga forest is also a hideout to numerous monkeys, hyenas and many more.

Lake Mburo Wildlife Salt Lick experience

Prepare to sight at numerous Mburo wildlife licking the water logged salt deposits, there stands a magnificent fenced aperture to render the best caption to these animals licking, prepare your cameras for  the best shots in a safeguarded zone. Spend averagely 1 to 2 hours being amazed about how these animals form and encircle the salty logged deposits.

Fishing Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda Fishing Safari

Enjoy fishing on the country side in the Mburo blue stream meandering through the savannah forest. Lake Mburo forms the main and largest artery to Mburo dwelling wildlife of all the 12 lakes in the park, have a chance to fish in this life giving Lake Mburo. Be a real fisherman as you fish from this lake and then take your fish to be prepared for you on the lodge side. partners with Uganda wildlife authority to aid you enjoy sports fishing in the vicinity.

Lake Mburo Horseback Riding Safaris

Imagine how it can be enjoying Safari through the leaf-carpeted trails in the Savannah grasslands on the countryside sighting and jumping over the Mburo flora and fauna? Well group safari tourists can enjoy a horseback ride especially from Mihingo lodge with experienced and trained personnel as you spread to the wilderness alongside with a game ranger, make it adventurous as you stand to camp and eat with the sun setting out the wilderness in the Park.

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda Bicycling Safaris

The Bicycle ride offers a mouth-watering experience down the soul soothing western Savannah plains that comfort your closure to the wilderness, have a taste to the unique grasslands as you peddle through the safety trails around the numerous water basins and grasslands incorporated with zebras, antelopes and buffaloes alongside a professional game ranger.

Other nearby Park attributes on your Mburo can include a short visit to the Uganda Equator before after visiting the home of zebras – Mburo, this offers a magnificent picturesque for fine photo captions underneath the Equator crossing the country. Accommodation in and around Lake Mburo Park is an adorable safari accommodation centre that stems from budget, mid-range and luxury. Well the most recommended Safari  for your finest relaxation is the Mihingo safari lodges or opting for the most tented camp lodges in the park, Not forgetting the neighboring Country hotel – Igogngo cultural centre with reputable western cultural activities

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