Mountain climbing Ruwenzori seemingly looks impossible, the restructuring and desire of Cable Cars Hiking Mount Rwenzori is a dream come true to all lovers of mountain Climbing on a Uganda safari to have a taste to the lost tangling jungle covering one of the best destinations Mountains of the moon Ruwenzori mountain with mountain summits seen piercing the sky with glaciers flowing like a Powdery fume down the rocky mountain ranges of eastern equatorial Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Cable Cars Hiking Mount RwenzoriHiking mountain Rwenzori seemingly looks impossible but really a trek worthy an experience that makes you feel the pearl of Africa in miniature, Mount Rwenzori Cable cars have all been a thought not on only to the Uganda tourism board but also to the mountaineers using a lot of energy to cover the Ruwenzori summit.

For our Rwenzori mountaineers have always found a challenge finding a quicker way through the woods secluding themselves from rest of the world undertaking a trek off the bitten path to cover a 5- 6 days mountain climbing trek to reach the highest Mountain Rwenzori summit Margherita thru a dirty path where nature offers a number of pleasures.

Need for Cable Cars Hiking Mount Rwenzori is a plan on a Uganda budget scheme, Uganda wildlife Authority is aiming to install Cable Cars Hiking Mount Rwenzori to ease Mountain Rwenzori climbing and as well as shortening the hiking time.

Cable Cars Hiking Mount Rwenzori is to serve you with an authentic taste experience to the lost Switzerland Alps of Uganda the pearl of Africa, the diverse Savannah plains including on top sightseeing of the Rwenzori National Park wildlife, spectacular views to the rapid flow of avalanches, a beautiful glance to the mountains of the moon ranges in all corners and not forgetting the most loved Rwenzori glaciers that make you feel the Pliocene and Holocene epochs of Africa.

Mountain Rwenzori Cable cars have been experimented to offer an authentic taste covering the Savannah plains, the freezing diverse vegetation along mountain slopes as seen by most of our mountaineers hiking Mount Kenya using Cable Cars to Hike the mountain range.

What to see Opting for Cable Cars Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Fall in love with Mountain Rwenzori recipes, the Cable cars have been planned in a way to make you absorb what Nature offers in this region of Kasese, A feasibility study has been carried out by Uganda wildlife Authority, it’s cooking to offer our tourists on Uganda Mountain Hiking Safari an authentic taste with the best Mountain Rwenzori recipes seeing the Rwenzori crystalline Mountain rocks, tropical rain forests, Glaciers, the snow-capped mountain ranges, Rwenzori gorges, hundreds of bird species, the highest summit of Margherita and many more.