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Sezibwa falls Uganda is a Buganda Kingdom’s cultural heritage site accessed just 30 kilometers eastwards of the capital city of Uganda – Kampala along the the Kampala – Jinja high way full of adventurous Uganda Safari activities and iconic sceneries hugging the southern Uganda part. Sezibwa Falls are found in Mukono district, Culturally, it’s known to be one of the Buganda Kingdom’s Heritage site.

Sezibwa falls’ stunning serene nature leaves a mouthwatering look and feel experience as you see with your naked eyes the truth out about Africa, the surging and plunging fresh cold waters tumbling over the sharp-edged rocks with the unusual humming sound vibrating in the air, as you trail in a distance towards the magical Sezibwa falls, it seems to appear like a silent white stream, cascading over the defined rocky outcrops, a closer all alone look and feel experience draws closer the Sezibwa fall noise increasing steadily till you get to the source.

The traversing Sezibwa River between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga

Sezibwa River can be seen seeping and dribbling through the boggy wetlands across and Kyoga water basin, It crosses westwards towards Victoria, then flows to Lake Kyoga swerving through the Savannah vegetation in the northern direction.

On a guided safari, experience Sezibwa’s origin piling from its source in Buikwe District Uganda, passing through Mukono District then flows to in Kayunga District. It stretches 10 kilometers from its source passing through the wilderness wide and opaque till it covers its journey to the end.

Historically Review of Sezibwa Falls 7 metres high

It’s believed that there were two brother rivers named Sezibwa and Bwanda that these brother lakes were born by a woman who was on her way heading to Kavuma Bukunja. The woman, Nakkungu Tebatuusa, married to Nsubuga Sebwaato (husband), gave birth to twins in form of water. Hereafter, Sezibwa flowed west, passing many obstacles and deriving its name, while Bwanda a brother to the latter, flowed eastwards, towards Nyenga. It’s on record, many people from different countries come to the place of miracles in belief that the site has supernatural powers

What to do and see on Sezibwa Falls

Main Sport/Tour activities here include; Rock climbing and bird watching are the main activities at the site, Wildlife in the surrounding forest includes bush monkeys, cultural heritages, red-tailed monkeys and other primates and birds. We customize authentic Uganda Safari for our clients to have a feel and look at this cultural heritage, plan your itinerary to have an experience at this iconic scene living in the tales of Uganda history.Other activities can be included in your itinerary to include game drives, sport fishing, birding, nature walks, cultural encounters along the bordering magical lakes of Lake kyoga, Lake victoria, Victoria Nile, Kayunga among others.

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