Sesse Island on Lake Victoria, Beach adventure

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Sesse Island is found in the northwestern part of Uganda and occupies the corner of Lake Victoria the second largest in the world taking the position of being the biggest lake in Africa with different activities taking place on the islands. The island is inhabited by the Bantu speaking people who are mostly fishermen

The best way to access Sesse Island is passing through Nakiwogo near Entebbe and use a ferry or canoes boats. it’s advised to reach at the ferry 2hours early for the ferry. A lot of activities can be done on the island like fishing, you can see people fishing on the lake with nets, an opportunity can be given to catch huge Nile perch the biggest fish in the fresh waters.

Birding Sesse Island: a lot of birds can be seen at the islands including the African eagle, jacana birds, yellow billed duck, and cattle egret as you cross over to the islands. One opting for a birding destination in Uganda can include Sesse Island, it’s a birding destination with numerous dotted birds that can be seen throughout the season

Relaxing on Sesse Island: have a best place to chill out at the islands on the sandy beaches view the sunset and sun rise on the beach of pure sand even at the peak atmosphere the island remains relaxed Uganda’s best place to chill out with tropical sun, and cool forests. We recommend our tourists to come with bosy jelly for smearing the bosy to avoid skin scorching.

Boating ride on Sesse Island: Boating ride on sesse Island is a normal regular activity at the island, there are fishing boats, sailing boats, motorized boats all these are offered at the island. The boat ride gives you spectacular sightings to hundreds of water loving birds like fish eagles, owls etc, the adjacent vegetation is a mindblowing art for an awesome picturesque and much more.

Mountain bikes around Sesse Island: Through the fishing villages, rise across the largest lake in the world see the fisher men, you can go with your packed lunch during evening and see the sunset reflection on the waters.

Beach fire/ Camping Sesse Island: There is nothing more enjoyed than having a blazing fire music playing and having fun watching a caught tilapia fish, while warming yourself up at the fire, the traditional lightings in the diaspora make it a worthy holiday, most of our clients prefer night camping outside the tents warming up their bodies.

Nature walks around Sesse Island: Enjoy the nature walks in the trees around the islands, see different primates along the Lake, visit the villages, inter culture exchange, drink and chat with the islander, find out how they live, study, you can also sample their local food. The sunset cruises in the evening to view the bright colors of the sun reflecting on the waters.

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