Semuliki National Park Uganda Wildlife

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Semuliki National Park is a Uganda superlative scenery that occupies am extraordinary range of landscape interest in Bwamba County, Bundibugyo District in the western remote corridor stapling its nucleus and central feature in the bold lowland tropical rainforest ranges of the Albertine Rift, the western arm of the East African Rift whose ancient uplift, worn by immeasurable time and recent ice erosion, remains to form the flat and gently undulating rocky western landform that ranges from 2,200ft to 2,490 ft above sea level.

Semuliki National Park still hides the Virgin un toured landscape sceneries with its lowland richest levels of the inhabiting magical floral and faunal diversity in Africa encompassing the existence of about 400 bird species like lyre-tailed honey guide, hornbills, owls, the rare Forest Ground Thrush among others, being especially diverse.

For an authentic Africa Safari, we have traveled to Semuliki, we know the best activities or things to do and see in the Park, discover the tourism behind the only left age of modern Africa, the park is off the beaten path on a road, in most cases, less traveled and still holds the un explored part just like it used to be in the ancient years.

Semuliki National Park lies on Uganda’s border with Congo (DRC). Rwenzori Mountains are t seen in the south-east of the park, Lake Albert is to the park’s north. Semuliki National Park experiences an average rainfall of 1,250 mm, with peaks in rainfall from March to May and from September to December.

The park can be seen with two hot springs in a hot mineral encrusted swamp. One of the springs Mumbuga spring resembles a geyser by forming a 0.5 m high fountain. These features attract a large number of shorebirds, support wild life, plants. They are a source of salt for many animals.

Semuliki National park is one of the prominent features in the Albertine Rift Valley, With in the east Africa – albertine region there stands reverting features that have attracted numerous visitations in the region, Activities include Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, Birding, Cultural encounters, Nature walks, Mountain Hiking, Golden monkey tracking, Forest Canopy walk Safaris etc. Some of these low-lying adjacent features in the Albertine region include;

Key interests: Hiking through the 13 kilometers Kirumia Trail, bird watching, game drives across the Savannah grassland, Sightseeing Wildlife and visiting the Semuliki hot springs where the water is hot enough to cook eggs, Trails to the male hot springs, Chimpanzee Tracking.

Enjoy Nature walks through the park, see the tree species of a more evergreen nature and the swampy forest communities, different bird species of more than 400 bird species like the rare Forest Ground Thrush, lyre-tailed honey guide, Sassi’s Olive Greenbul, hornbills.

Explore over 60 mammal species, including leopards, hippos, mona monkeys, forest buffalos, water chevrotains, bush babies, civets, elephants, and the pygmy flying squirrel, different species of duikers like the bay duiker. And many more features. Some parts of the forests are homesteads to over 100 Basua people, an indigenous community who still largely live as hunter-gatherers. Have an interesting expedition by learning the Basua people’s culture and their history at the park and see handmade crafts that they have produced. You may join them and participate in some of the activities. Have an adventure experience by walking over to the Male Hot Springs using the wooden pathway. Have incredible views by seeing the Mother Nature at its best.

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