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Samburu National Reserve is a magical point in Kenya’s tourist destinations, a game reserve that sits its beauty on the shore banks of the Pleistocene Ewaso Ng’iro river seen flowing like a slice of mellow harmony amid the fragrant Savannah that points to Buffalo Springs National Reserve northern Kenya plains.

The long forgotten tranquility of Samburu National Reserve covers 165 km² in size and is situated 350 kilometers from the green city in the Sun – Nairobi. The Savannah stands with an altitude of 800 to 1230 m above sea level in Samburu County.

Samburu National Reserve is traversed by river Ewaso Ng’iro (meaning “brown water” and pronounced as ‘U-aa-so-Nyee-ro’), normally visited by the traveler from European countries. The whole scene to a naked eye is a thrilling experience watching the placid waters that feed the whole game in this region, flow like time, always onward and always towards its destiny through the thick riverine forests in a way that not just words only can describe this horrific scene.

Samburu National Reserve is famously known as one of the hilarious destinations on earth in which the two conservationists George and Joy Adamason raised Elsa the Lioness, one of the bestselling books in history and then also the award winning movie known as Born free.

Samburu National Reserve still holds a mystical myth, it’s a home of Kamunyak (meaning “Blessed One”), a lioness famous for having adopted at least 6 oryx calves, and fighting off predators and lion prides which attempted to eat her charges. Travelers who visit Samburu National Reserve make it a point to look for this movie Heart of a Lioness where this great hero features.

Samburu National Reserve is not only a wildlife habitat but also a mountaineering destination for hikers, the dual existence of Koitogor and Ololokwe mountains offers a prime iconic zone crowned by the tropical forest mixed with acacia, riverine forests, thorn trees and grassland vegetation bearing remarkable lush of dotted Savannah vegetation fed by the  turquoise-blue streams of river Ewaso Ng’iro flowing lazily from the Kenya highlands wounding its merry  to the famous Lorian Swamp in in Wajir South, North Eastern Kenya.

Samburu National Reserve Wildlife Safari

Samburu is not just a reserve but a place left to preserve kenya’s memorable records, the arid Savannah with lots of stories stretchig as afar back in late 90’s and then being a famous Savannah for the famous lioness filmed in the “Heart of a Lioness” movie.

Samburu National Reserve is dotted with hundreds of canivores, herbivores and predators not forgetting the sovereign chill of the whirling hundreds of bird species seen nesting around the swampy wetlands of Lorian Swamp and river Ewaso Ngiro.

The Savannah gives you an open experience to the game species that include the dry county fauna: Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, oryx and and reticulated giraffes. And then the sparced shady acacia trees and some thorny vegetation are hide outs to all the big cats; cheetahs, lions and the African leopards. The game viewing Safari in the Savannah also encounters us to the grazing herds of buffaloes, elephant as well as hippos.

The open flat Savannah with riverforine forests tend to attract mammals that include  Baboons, warthogs, Kirk’s dik-dik, Grant’s gazelle, impalas, waterbucks among others. For bird lovers, these are your best hotspots for bird-watching Safaris with at least a 90% chance to see over 350 bird species that include sunbirds, bee-eaters, vulturine Guinea fowl, yellow-necked spurfowl, superb starling, northern red-billed hornbill, grey-headed kingfisher, Marabou stork, secretary bird, yellow-billed hornbill, Verreaux’s eagle, bateleur, tawny eagle, lilac-breasted roller, the palm-nut vulture among others.

Samburu National Reserve is a game reserve seen parading its majestic awe on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro river in Kenya. On the other arm of the river, there exists the neighboring Buffalo Springs National Reserve- a catchy destination for beautifully photo captions. The park straddles 165 km² in size and our visitors just drive 350 kilometers from Nairobi City to this Savannah. The climate in the jungle is ideal and conducive throughtout the year, with average ranges in altitude from 800 to 1230m above sea level

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