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Rushaga Gorilla Tracking Uganda is a spectacular Uganda Safari activity one has to opt for to have a quick lash at Uganda Mountain Gorillas habituated in one of the Most eco region diverse with alot of beautifully nature recipes, Rushaga is found in the southern area of Bwindi, Significantly, one can broadly enjoy this intriguing zone. It is the most highly toured zone due to its bigger span of the giant Families along with the nearby Nkuringo.Well, Nshongi was the largest group way back ever habituated and highly toured by our clients

It was formally launched to be habituation zonal place for the giant Gorillas in 2009, named after river Nshongi. Amazingly this group though not being the oldest silverback in the family, it the one leading the group.

Over View of Rushaga and its Key Features:

The pleasing diaspora sits on 6 acres of land, and can be visually seen bordering the sparkling adventurous feature Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It’s estimated to cover up a 15minutes walk experiencing the compelling beautifully scenic views, encountering with elephants as seen sometimes curving here to drink water. The geographical relief is mountainous and offers a lot of pride being in it. Rushaga harbors 7 mountain Gorillas ie. Kahungye, Nshongi, Mishaya, Busingye and Bweza. The adventure refreshes your mind when you encounter with other delightful and engaging features, like the , , Monkeys, insects, ferns and vines, giant trees and many others. Because of its huge size and the increasing number of silver backs, around mid 2012 the group which consisted of 18 members broke to form the Bweza group. The original Nshongi remained with 7 members only- 1 silver back, 4 black backs and 2 Adult females.

Kahungye Gorilla Family – Family size 18 individuals with 2 silverbacks

Kahungye is named after the hill with the same name which is in the home range of this gorilla family. Since October 2011 the group became available for tourism. With 26 members that are very active and full of life, the family is led by Silverback Gwigi, which means “door” in the local language. The whole group has 2 silver backs, 3 black backs, 4 Adult females, 1 sub adult, 3 Juveniles and 5 Infants.

Busingye Gorilla Family


This family separated its self from the Kahungye Gorilla Family way back in 2012 to establish its niche in the jungles of Bwindi. Recently it has grown to comprise of 1 silverback, 1 teenager, 4 Adult females and 3 infants.

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Bweza Gorilla Family.

Around mid-2012, Bweza gorilla family broke away from the Nshongi gorilla family. It was easy for the Ugada’s authority game rangers to habituate the group since it broke away from a formerly habituated family. This was because of the huge size of the Nshongi group and the increasing number of silverbacks that were trying to struggle for power. It is made up of 1 silver back, 3 Adult females, 1 juvenile and 2 infants.

Mishaya Gorilla Family- Family size 7 Individuals including 1 Silverback

In July 2010, silverback Mishaya decided to leave the Nshongi group with some females and start his own family. He was able to gather more females from other groups in the area, reaching a total group size of 7 gorillas, including 1 silver back, 3 Adult females, 2 infants and 1 teenager. Mishaya is the only adult in the group and is known for being a fighter.

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