River Nile Lake Albert Delta Murchison falls National Park

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The River Nile Lake Albert Delta is a bliss-pool of meandering fresh water flowing merely westerly between the compacted rocky gorge via the Murchison falls bending northwards to the magical shores of Lake Albert where it pounds to form significant river delta gushing over the rocks before dividing to form the Blue Nile and White Nile.

 River Nile Lake Albert DeltaRiver Nile Lake Albert Delta water flow forms an adventurous hot spot icon for watching, the water with in the delta squeezes itself with in a narrow flow gushing over rocks with a roaring sound, and then violently surging and plunging down at its widest point with fumes of rain droplets left in space over the territorial 50 metres radius leaving a rainbow mask formed through the year as a result of this pressure within the squeezed gorge..

Discover the remaining true Africa wilderness on your guided nature walks or game drives towards the Southern part of the   River Nile Lake Albert Delta perimeter coming all the way from Baker, this gives stunning sightings to the natural flow of River Nile before splitting to form linear tributaries like the basin of river Uhuru believed to have been as the process of the Nile river floating to burst out into another child river in 1962.

Visit the  River Nile Lake Albert Delta banks for the best birding watching , the nature walks gives you a spotlight on the water loving birds and the onshore birds living around the river banks especially in the swampy boggy areas. The common bird species through the year include; kingfishers, African Egle, Goliath Herons, Great Egrets, and African Fish Eagles. The most sought-after species here is the rare Shoe bill..

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