River Katonga southwestern part of Uganda

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The meandering River Katonga Uganda is not only a confusing place to discover but a memorable joint to the East Africa paradise especially between Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya countries. Its foot prints can be evidenced in the south-western part of Uganda, one of the low-lying areas and the coldest places in the pearl of Africa.

It’s easy to have beautifully sightings at River Katonga coiling its self (physical nature) just like a snake, having its muscular currents and the shimmering southern waves flowing continuously through the voluminous and Lake George, having it in mind that it once became a drainage channel emptying from Lake Victoria to George.

The long-forgotten floods and instant uplifts between these two lakes along with the western arm of the , depositing cross ways on the spit has in turn left the swampy regions to the south western part of Lake Wamala to turn into a watershed for the River Katonga, this is a fine birding hot spot you don’t want to miss a memory about it.

Lake Wamala has in turn danced to the tune of the geological forces, to principally flow east emptying into Lake Victoria-the biggest lake in the Pearl of Africa, the latter is augmented by several tributaries along its course. Lake Wamala a water shed to River Katonga, can be located 0°13’N 30°39’E followed the ridge emanating to Katonga Wildlife Reserve which is just 120 kilometers from the independent Lake Victoria. The Vigorous floods in the wet seasons occurring in the swampy watershed definitely force the raised water levels cross-ways, some water flows westwards towards River Katonga that feeds Lake George, the rapid spit continues eastwards emptying into lake Victoria

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