Rabongo Forest Murchison Falls National Park

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Rabongo Forest Murchison Falls National Park Uganda Safari takes beneath the jutting Murchison stone ledge, We drive through the Savannah plains for one and half hours from the lodge in the Park to the place that was marked and explored by the great explorers John Speke and James Grant. Proceed and visit a tannin-brown tropical river forest where grass crisps under the shoes through the welcoming grasslands South-eastern part of the Murchison falls National Park.

Discover the authentic Uganda Safari as you visit this verdant forest with un-fully explored wilderness appearing to harbor numerous wildlife species including primates like chimpanzees, Bird species etc. This a recommended park side suitable for Murchison Camping Safaris just nearby the jewel-blue streams of river Wairingo.

The traversing road trails through Rabongo Forest gives you an awe of the gigantic size and majesty of the tree species in the forest, the Mahogany trees form tall heights just like sky scrapers. The sweet organic taste either on your foot trail or in your game drive through the meandering forest trails gives you a finest taste to the best game viewing Safari as you encounter with the most tourist attraction in the forest – the friends of Man – Chimpanzees.

In search for an authentic Safari, Rabongo Forest should be also your best place to visit on you Uganda Safari to have stunning views to other forest dwellers like the present Primates including red tailed monkeys, baboons, Balck and white Colobus monkeys etc.

Rabongo Forest tree species form long knotted arms rising ever upwards of course as far as your head can lift, do trap a pool of numerous bird species where they form up to live in their nests, Numerous bird species can be seen especially during ripening of fruits seasons, it tends to attract both diverse endemics and non-endemics to the finest birding section.

For a memorable Rabongo forest Uganda Adventure, the place offers Camping Safaris in the Safe guarded forest horizons, enjoy thrilling nightfall listening to the forest dwellers dancing in the dead night, Birds flaming their sweet melodies, the soothing fresh air comforting the Rabongo forest, deeming light rays piercing through the broad tall trees and much more as guided by

Most of our clients tend to enjoy visiting numerous activities like Hiking Murchison falls to the top, chimpanzee tracking, Mountain Hiking Safaris, wildlife game Park Safaris, Birding Safaris and much more. For a fine Safari setting, spy at the trendy top things to do and see in Murchison falls Parks to have a customized aroma and sweet taste over the inviting Murchison falls National Park Activities.

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