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Queen Elizabeth National Park is a honorary Wildlife centre that imparts new vigor to your mind on your Uganda Safari as you tour the Park south western Uganda where the roaming leopards are seen in the . The Park sits adjacent to Lake Edward with tributaries flowing in here like river Nyamweru, kazinga channel. Just a step away, there stands the exhilarating , one of the valuable Volcanic explosion craters in kabatoro region.

This park was founded in 1952 as . It was renamed two years later to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II who profoundly admired and loved the beauty standing in this pearl of Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the famous and most toured National Park by muzungu, it has an extensive land of approximately 400 kilometers (250 mi) by road south-west of , and is seen in the Western Region of Uganda covering the districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi and Rukungiri. Kasese town is just outside the northeastern edge of the park, while the town of Rubirizi is just outside the park’s southeastern boundaries.

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Queen Elizabeth National park includes the Maramagambo Forest that borders the Kigezi Wildlife Reserve in Rukungiri, the Kyambura Game Reserve in Rubirizi, and the Kibale National Park in Uganda, and the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s popular for its wildlife, including Cape buffaloes, hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, Congo lions, and chimpanzees. It is home to 95 species of mammal and over 500 species of birds.

The Queen Elizabeth wildlife Safari is an ultimate adventure that clings you to a boat drive on the curving kazinga channel that floats past the giant hippos and the basking Nile Hippos, nearby our clients tend to feel and love the environment as they see a school of birds species. The safari takes you to the home of chimpanzees in the Kyambura Gorge in Rubirizi, then rewinding to the Maramagambo forest where you get inspired by the congested bat caves.

The area around Ishasha in Rukungiri District is famous for its tree-climbing lions, whose males sport black manes. Poachers killed six elephants in the park in 2015, triggering both anger and frustration within the Ugandan conservation community. The Ishasha area is home to tree-climbing lions and as well as the rare shoebill storks.

Check for long and short Safaris in the Menu, and meet your Adventure with African Adventure Travellers to have an experience with the parks variety of flora and Fauna bisected by numerous rivers, well our clients acknowledge this place for its winning habitat that sustains lives of over 95 mammal species, more than 500 bird species, the volcanic explosion craters that naturally provided salt basins; See local ways about salt mining on Lake Katwe

A complete Map of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen elizabeth seen in the engrossing western region of Uganda where it binds with numerous tourist attractions in the region in the of the western rift valleyClick here for a map.

FACTS:Did you know that the boat trip within Queen Elizabeth National Park is done on the elegant Kazinga Channel a 40 kilometer water long natural channel that links Lakes Edward and George.

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