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The winning Nyungwe forest Rwanda boosts its spanning ecological set up in the South-western part of Rwanda as you butt the borders Of Burundi. The gripping area is seen comprised of mountain rain forests, densely compacted canopy tree structures squeezed in the Nyungwe National Park pointing to the Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west.

The Canopy dome of Nyungwe Forest is thought-provoking and adventurous, a close eye sight to the gigantic tall Mahoganies, the coniferous ferns waving in the absolute humidity in the forest, the slender ebonies sweeping in the skies, whilst orchids, the thickly scented spruce branches clutching at clothes slapping against the chest and sometimes shredded to hands on your Nyungwe Forest Canopy walk is a Safari adventure that blows your mind.

Nyungwe forestOur guided Nyungwe canopy walk thrills your attention to the Inspiring cling epiphytes on tree branches, Bird species flying overhead, butterflies making their way in the light skies. The canopy forest walk is rewarding when you encounter with the friends of man-Chimpanzees who are the larger inhabitants of the territory.

Have a feel of life on your East Africa’s valued Rwanda Canopy walk safari as you make a bond across the forests from the other side, the delightful metal bridge that suspends to cover 50 metres above the Nyungwe forest, have splendid spectacular views of the canopy structure in Nyungwe forest as you feel the Biological diversity in the Nyungwe National Park Biosphere.

Wildlife in Nyungwe Forest National Park

The Nyungwe Forest large-scale bio geographical zones comfort numerous Rwanda wildlife, the habitat is a home to 85 mammal species, 275 bird species, 1068 plant species, 32 amphibian, 38 reptile species and 13 primate species many rain forest species like Common chimpanzee, Adolf Friedrich’s Angola colobus, Golden monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, Red-tailed monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, Silver monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, Vervet monkey, Olive baboon, Dent’s mona monkey and many others.

Tour Safari Holidays in Nyungwe Forest

We customize your Nyungwe Safari to the adventurous canopy vegetation in Rwanda, our trusted and registered East Africa tour travel company takes you here. Our tour guide pick you from the Airport/Hotel to the famous Nyungwe National Park. Normally, on a good weather, it takes us 4-5 hours drive from the absorbing Kigali city Rwanda. Have a chance to tour Kigali City, deviate and see the Nyanza King’s palace as well as seeing the National Museum if interested.

Nyungwe  Tour safari Holiday opens your mind to the Uwinka Visitor centre, this is located inside the Nyungwe National Park, and it’s an interesting resource centre for your historical research or guide about the flora, fauna and the local Culture. We shall be assigned an armed guide to take us through the park swallowed up by the jungle.

Nyungwe Forest safari camping, lodges

Have a chance to opt for either Nyungwe Forest Camps or reside in the Nyungwe forest safari lodges, Stand a magnificent chance to have an overnight in Rwanda’s best safari lodges on your Nyungwe tour – Nyungwe Forest Lodge, enjoy the splashing luxury facilities; a swimming pool, hotel gym, internet access (WI-Fi) and the refreshing epic views of the gallery Canopy forests, various grasses, that lined the Sloping channels of the Nyungwe, all this is felt in blue print.

Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda is a home to habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primates species (including a 400-strong troop of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus), and a frontier for all nature and wildlife experiences a traveller can emerge him/her self in. Notforgetting that this is a paradise for most of the adventorous activities like Hiking, Biking terrain safari, tracking chimpanzees, An experience over the canopy walk. To make a must visit place, it is also known as a birder’s paradise with over 300 species, 16 bird species being endemics, and protecting over 75 different species of mammals.

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