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Nyungwe Forest National Park is superlative preserved rainforest scenery located in southwestern Rwanda hugging borders with Burundi, to the southern edge, then pointing westwards to the ancient u and the Democratic Republic of the Congo opening a covering an extraordinary range of landscape interest preserved with montane forest to form a watershed between the western swampy basin of river Congo and the meandering eastern river Nile basin.

To discover the authentic Africa as described in geographical books, like it was 50 years back with the reverting bio-geographical zones, travel off the beaten path in Rwanda to address the a voluminous forested of approximately 970 km2 of montane rainforest, grassland, bamboo, bogs, and swamps roating on the rocky pointed Mount Bigugu on the border end.

Nyungwe forest National Park is covered by a natural rain forest located southwest of Rwanda, believed to be one of the first Africa’s forest staying evergreen through the ice age, for past years this has been a hide out to numerous primates because of the rich and supporting watershed between river Congo and river Nile.

What to do and See in Nyungwe Forest National Park

There are different activities at the forest like Nature wildlife experience, Nyungwe forest canopy walk, bird watching, relaxing at the water falls, ibyachawa culture village, Chimpanzee tracking and vegetation. We have travelled here, we know the best cornestones that offer a memorable adventure, we customise your Africa Safari to include Gorilla trekking Rwanda, mountain hiking, Kigali Rwanda tour excursion trips, Volcanoes safaris, Golden Monkey tracking and many more.

Nyungwe Forest National Park occupies an area of approximately 970 km2 of rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps, and bogs and was established in 2004 with a need to protect the natural forest which is a home to numerous wildlife in the region, In return this seems to have boosted tourism in the long run. Nyungwe is recorded to be one of the Africa’s biggest park with different primates species, it’s estimated to have 25% primate species.

This forest reaches its maximum altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, And is of particular interest for the presence of colonies of chimpanzees and Angola colobus , the latter now extinct in Angola for the intense hunt to which they were subjected.

Expected wild life to see here; Red-throated Alethe, Ruwenzori Apalis, Kungwe Apalis, Ruwenzori Batis, Stripe-breasted Tit, Ruwenzori Nightjar , Archer’s Robin-chat , Dusky Crimson Wing, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Red-collared Babbler, Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, Regal Sunbird, Handsome Francolin, Neumann’s Warbler. It’s a habitat to the habituated chimpanzees and 12 primates, monkeys, olive baboons, grey cheeked mangabye and 325 bird species recorded 75 different species of mammals.

Transportation means: Other than the main road through the forest there are no (public) roads or vehicle tracks in the park, everything is on foot. The main entrance is at Uwinka on the main Cyangugu – Huye road and it’s about 55 km’s from Cyangugu and 90km’s from Huye. The road is mostly in good condition.

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