Ngamba Island a home to Orphaned Chimpanzees

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Ngamba Island is a beautiful Uganda Chimpanzee Safari destination located on , 23km southwest of Entebbe, Uganda. It is part of the Koome group of islands. It consists of about 100acres, 5 of which are reserved for accommodation and activities for the visitors and caretakers of the island.  The 95acres are forested for the chimpanzees.

There are over 40 orphaned rescued and over 130 bird species. While there, you will see the different kinds of birds like weaver birds, parrots, fruit bats, fish eagles, and more. Other animals there include monitor lizards and spiders.  The chimpanzees feed on porridge and vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, eggplants and fruits like bananas, pineapples and also boiled eggs. They are not fed with meat because they might sense the flesh on people therefore attacking them.

Activities carried out at the island include bird watching, viewing the chimpanzees, nature walks, voluntary programs, volleyball, swimming among others. There are beautiful tented camps where visitors can spend a night and enjoy the sunset with a candle light dinner, breakfast and lunch are also provided. You can go swimming, fishing or a sunset cruise as you cross the equator on water.  You will enjoy the cultural dances around a bonfire.

You can get to the Ngamba Island by a helicopter or speed boat.  The boat carries up to 25 passengers, it takes about 45 minutes from the mainland to the island. On your way, you will be able to see some of the neighboring islands from a distance like bulago and kiimi. Ngamaba Island is 38000 feet above sea level, and it lies 0.06’S, 32.39’E. You will get to cross the equator on water, moving from the north to the southern hemisphere.

here are two trips to the island, that is at 09:00am and 12:45pm. The island is interesting all through the year, anytime is recommended. What you need for the Ngamba Island tour is a jacket and scarf for the boat ride, covered shoes, insect repellent, preferably a hat and sunglasses and a camera to capture the memories. You are allowed to carry your fishing equipment, though the island can also provide you with their own.

Ngamba Island Activities / What to do and See

This amazing island will give you a view of chimpanzee feeding and how they roam in an electric fence, get a sight of lizards, birds and photographic opportunities.

Ngamba trail: have a walk on the forests to learn about rich eco system and abundant life in Ngamba rainforest, get an opportunity to learn about the chimpanzee how they spend their day, what they eat and hunt, sight view the fruit bats, 120 bird species, natural caves in the forest, spider species, plants and trees you will be led by an experienced staff you will see a glimpse of chimpanzee or two up in routine.

Have an experience to give care to the Ngamba Island chimpanzees, feed them and prepare for them food, medical checkups research and monitor the chimpanzees you won’t do this alone but with the help of an experienced staff. Be part of  it and get involved activities like cleaning cages of the chimps, typing chimpanzee dairies, selling in the island shops and collecting data. By involving the Tourist in these programs the island aims at helping the visitors understand how it takes to look after orphaned chimpanzees. The island facilities offers day trip and night trip which provides an opportunity to closely observe and interact with these amazing apes.

Speed boats dock in about 45-50 minutes if you can travel by traditional motorized canoe it will take about 90minutes to reach the island you can also decide to use air travel at Entebbe-Kajjansi airstrip, time of boat ride at 9am or 12:45 pm starting in a luxury tent. You can organize your trip to the island with a tour company.

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