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Nairobi City “the Green City in the Sun” is the Capital city and largest city of Kenya, not forgetting that it’s also the main gateway to this Country sited on the equator overlying the East African Rift. The name “Nairobi” is a derived phrase “Enkare Nyrobi” originating from the “Maasai” language, an Eastern Nilotic language spoken in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania by the Maasai people.

“Enkare Nyrobi” literally refers to “cool water” referring to the Nairobi River that traverses the city of Nairobi forming several complex streams flowing eastwards out of the city. Nairobi City is recorded with a population of 3,138,369 basing on the 2009 statistical records.

Most of the travellers who visited this ancient City fell in love with its recipes characterising it as a city of the haves and have-nots thus naming it a “Green City in the Sun”. Most writers and locals use this phrase when quoting about Nairobi City.

The historical facts of Nairobi city is an authentic story worthy a Kenya Safari experience you need to feed your eyes, As far way back in the 1890’s, Nairobi became the “wrath of the titans”, In 1899 the British colonial Masters transformed this place as a rail depot on the Uganda Railway. The stunning magical position and the invaders quickly transformed and grew the city to  replace “Machakos” as the capital of Kenya in 1907.

The colonial authorities in British East Africa made this place a centre for most of their operations including establishment of Industrial centres for tea, Coffee and Sisal and that was in 1963 after Kenyas independence. To the unaccustomed travellers eye, Nairobi city lies on the River Athi second longest river in Kenya in the southern part of the country, and gives a magical picturesque to fall in love with sighting it elevated land with.

Nairobi City’s expansion makes it the second largest city after Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, by population in all the African Great lakes region, thus the 10th largest city in the pearl of Africa. The City welcomes numerous guests and is a home to thousands of both local and international Kenyan businesses, companies and organisations. Not forgetting that this is the centre for United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON)

What to do and See on a Nairobi City tour Kenya.

Nairobi City is a touristic hub that travelers from the western countries visit especially for the big game hunting Safari as well as visiting a series of lakes crowned by majestic hills like the hoof prints of some celestial horse. And then getting tuned to the local traditions with local cultural dances, to feed your ears with an auditory painting from the winged cultural artists

Visiting Ngong Hills on your Nairobi City tour

Step in western part of the City, Our Safari guide will take you to Ngong Hills seen under the mist-like clouds swirling thicker than hairspray crowned by un defined veteran trees. For hikers, this is one of the Majestic Mountaineering destinations you need not to miss. This is a land mark for Mount Kenya north of Nairobi – the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro, , then Mount Kilimanjaro towards the south-eastern wing.

Ngong Hills stand overlooking the Great Rift Valley and the most Visited Nairobi National Park which makes it easy to tailor your Safari to include game viewing in the Savannah and other activities like birding, visiting the Maasai villages on your Nature walks among others.

Visiting Nairobi River on a Nairobi City Safari

Nairobi River is an authentic Symbol depicting how far Nairobi City has come, it has over 10 tributaries seen traversing the Palm of the city. For bird lovers, this is an ideal destination for a Kenya birding Safari, the river banks form a catchy hide out to hundreds of bird species, with the most seen nesting ducks taking advantage of the shade.

Nairobi river is not only just a river but also pays part of the historical achievements for the peace warrior, The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai bravely and fiercely fought to save the indigenous Kaura Forest north of the city, that was being threatened to be replaced by the

Visiting Nairobi’s western suburbs in Nairobi City

On your guided Safari, enjoy nature walks in city suburbs to under the City’s life by the dwellers, there is much to learn and perhaps one can opt to buy a souvenir. The western suburb stretch from Kenyatta National Hospital in the south to the UN headquarters at Gigiri suburb in the north that covers about 20 kilometres.

Summarised places of Interest on a Kenya Safari.

There is much to see and record in your memories, don’t forget to visit kenya’s tallest Skyscrapper, Pinnacle Towers believed by the visitors that soon overtaking the whelm of alondon. Other areas to consider on your Nairobi City tour include the Bomas of Kenya, David Sheldrick Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, Karen Blixen Home, City Park, Florida Discothèque (demolished), Garden City Shopping Complex, Giraffe Centre.

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