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Mbarara is a City in the Western Region of Uganda and is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center of Mbarara and the site of the district headquarters where the western land shines in blue with the green grass sheltering the Long horned Cattle in the compelling mountain slopes

The town is seen just about 290 kilometers by road, southwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. It is an important transport hub, lying west of Masaka on the road to Kabale, near Lake Mburo National Park. The coordinates of the Mbarara central business district are 00 36 48S, 30 39 30E (Latitude:-0.6132; Longitude:30.6582). Our guided Uganda Safari Map gives youy a full enclosure of the wetstern highlands, cities and the trending National Maps

Mbarara MapInterestingly, this city came from behind and developed to surpass the giants Entebbe, Masaka, Gulu, and Jinja as the second-largest city in Uganda after Kampala and also second to Kampala in importance, industry, and infrastructure

The sparkling land of Milk, is the 3rd largest town in Uganda by population after Kampala and Kira and the fastest growing town in Uganda followed by Gulu. The numerous Hotels and business infrastructures have continued to expansively develop up. Numerous touristic cultural Centres like Igongo Culture centre have continued to come into existence.

On your route to Mbarara from the shinning Capital City of Kampala, the road drive is rewarding as you encounter with beautiful standing rolling hones. The rocky hills are seen to be dominated by the numerous western cattle grazing families. The sized long horned cows are seen in numerous herds. The journey also takes you through the masaka equator line heading to Lake Mburo National Park before you make it to to the town

Point of Interest in Mbarara City:

Long horned Cattle, Mbarara Central Market, Infrastructures.

Mbarara Bypass Road: The bypass will start from the Coca-Cola Plant on Mbarara-Masaka Road at Makenke, pass through Rwebishuri and Nkokonjeru and join the Mbarara-Kabale Road at Katatumba Resort, about 5 kilometres southwest of the central business district

Social services: Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, Mbarara Community Hospital, Mayanja Memorial Hospital, Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital.

Highly ranked Education Sectors: Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda Bible Institute, The Mbarara Campus of Uganda Martyrs University, The Western Campus of Uganda Management Institute, Bishop Stuart University – A private Christian University, affiliated with the Church of Uganda, Ntare School, Mbarara High School, Maryhill High School.

Lastly the the Mbarara Airport: a civilian airport that serves the town of Mbarara in Ankole sub-region, Uganda. And is one of the 46 airports in the country and one of the twelve upcountry airports administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda.Among others.

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