Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Getting there, What to do

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Mabira Central Forest Reserve is one of Uganda’s largest surviving Natural Forests covering an area of 300 square kilometres in the heart of Buikwe district just between the two prominent towns of Jinja and Lugazi. Mabira forest is not just a usual forest but a jungle that recoils at the edges, bending backwards upon itself in an unnatural fear; that the blowing African wind would offer a restive warning and hold, apprehensively, to the encroaching coattails of the curious and imprudent traveller or hiker.

A journey from Kampala or Jinja as you drive through Mabira forest, gives you enough reason to believe that Uganda was gifted by Nature and no doubt the Pearl of Africa, from Mabira forest’s canopies marked by cedar, spruce, and dogwood all Permits ample shimmering lights to descend for a patchwork of bushes to burst from the branch and twig laden ground below.

As you marvel through the trails in a jungle on your Guided Nature walks in Mabira forest, you dont miss out the scaring sweet sounds belonging mostly to Monkeys and insects, filling the air, and overpowering the occasional sounds of birds of prey gliding in the air. The nature walks can be arranged from 1 hour to 4 hours or even spend a full day depending on how your Uganda Safari has been tailored.

What to do and see in Mabira forest

Along with our professional experts, we browse through the jungle, where the forest lay, like a soft green blanket, spilling over hills and pouring into valleys to venture on the most rewarding activities in Mabira forest, they include Forest Walks with over 68 km of well developed trail length, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching(an i deal deatination for bird lovers), Environmental Education and Research, Camping and Picnics, Primate Watching, Butterfly Identification and general Forest Exploration.

Mabira forest is highly endangered by human activities such as deforestation and charcoal burning making it a very lush eco-system with several Species of wildlife and birds. There are over 9 endangered species of mammals in Mabira forest not found anywhere else in Uganda and that is; the short tailed fruit bat, Mangabeys, baboon, colobus monkeys, butterflies and several birds.

For birders, there is an ideal destination for Bird watching, Sighting at the Vast Bird species like the cassin hawk eagle, purple throated cuckoo, red headed blue bill, black, bellied seed cracker, forest wood hoope and tit hylia and very many.

How to access Mabira forest – Getting there

Mabira Central Forest Reserve is located on the main Kampala – Jinja Highway in Mukono District. It is 54 km from the City Centre of Kampala and 26 km from Jinja Town. The Eco – Tourism Site is about half a kilometer from the road head along a short dirt road off the Najjembe trading center. The Forest is therefore accessible by all vehicles throughout the year.

Accommodation in Mabira forest

Mabira boosts of 3 Bandas which can accommodate a maximum of 10 Guests at the Eco – Tourism Site near Najjembe Trading Centre. The Bandas are self – catering although some light meals can be prepared for you by the House keeper. There is also a Camping Ground near the Site for do-it-yourself caravans at a modest fee. Mabira Forest Lodge, a modern eco– friendly facility by the Alam Group of Companies is nearing completion.

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