Lake Victoria Uganda, Largest Lake in Africa

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Lake Victoria Uganda, the Largest Lake in Africa and second Largest in the world after Lake Superior in North America is found in . In terms of volume, Lake Victoria is the ninth largest lake in the continent with the volume of 2,750km3 , with water mass approximately 68,800km.

Lake Victoria has about 84 islands, all located in the 3 countries which share the lake. it was formed when the upper west river was formed, concavely lies in Abertine Nile and lake Basin segment great lift valley.

It was discovered by the explorer John Speke who later on named the Lake Victoria in honor of Queen Elizabeth Victoria. The lake is shared by 3 countries Uganda by 45%, Kenya 6% and Tanzania 49% with 3.7% length of the islands.

It receives water from direct rainfall and small stream by 85% from River kagera, largest river flowing into this lake. Further Lake victoria gets drained by the source of river Nile in the Eastern part of Uganda by 15%. This lake has different local names Nam lolwe in Luo a local tribe in the Northern part of Uganda, Nyanzi in Kinyarwanda and Nalubale in Luganda thou it has other local Bantu languages.

Lake Victoria provides a lot of activities for example bird watching, boat rides, sight seeing, aquatic life a round the shores. You can view different bird species for example kingfisher, African Eagle, fish eagles nesting around the fig trees at the shores.

Fishing is carried out the lake like Nile perch, tilapia of which is the most economically important these fish are big weighing about 80kg and they are more than 200 species of fish. You can also visit one of the islands at lake victory which is a home to the orphaned , the 49 chimpanzees were rescued by the Uganda wildlife Authority from smugglers and poachers. A Uganda tourist can enjoy Uganda fishing Safari on the lake throughout the whole day depending om your itinerary.

Other islands which can be visited are Sesse ,Bugala ,Buvuma ,Pyramid ,Bubembe ,Damba ,Bulinyugwe ,Bugaia, migingo, kome, Rubondo, Rushinga , ukerwa, Bussi etc. these islands  support Africa’s fisheries.

Fishing is the main activity carried out on these islands and spotting out different bird species like the shoebill as the main bird species to be seen on waters is also a reverting adventure to feature on your itinerary. Sand beaches basked in open on shores give an intense experience turning you into a story teller.

You can also enjoy a boat ride on Lake Victoria as part of your excursion seeing the waves of the lake and enjoying the reflection of the sun on the lake during sundown.

Guidelines the lake is not suitable to swim or wet yourself, its disease ridden with malaria caused by mosquitoes, Bilharzia, so it’s a high risk making it in water.

Lake Victoria has a number of highlands which are thought of during your arrangement of Tour for example, Camoing to the interior Islands is also possible. Most of the hotels have accommodations and well secured to ensure a safe holiday on your Uganda Safari

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