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Lake Nyabikere (Lake of frogs) is a crater lake in Kabarole district, western Uganda. It’s one of the oldest Uganda Safari destinations that thrills with a lot of dramatic beauty sitting 1384 metres above the sea level. It’s famously known as the lake of frogs, due to the existence of Many frogs that normally make a lot of Noise especially at night.

is one of the crater lakes that overlook the aspiring stigma of the mountains of the moon (Rwenzori Mountain) with its clear snow views being a captivating insight for an eye sight, watching the drastic Snow fall off horizons in a distance.

A Map of Lake Nyabikere (Lake of Frogs) Western Uganda

The silver blue waters of Lake Nyabikere gives a tandem feeling found nowhere else but only here, from the tall vegetation around the lake edges to the wonderful picturesque views across the lake, Lake Nyabikere has attracted an insight authentic destination for all Eco-tourism safaris for the visiting travelers on a Uganda Safari.

Lake Nyabikere is a watering point to vast dwellers around the ancient trees undisturbed by humans but just overtaken by nature; includes the hundreds of bird species that normally visit the lake, some nest in the nearby forests(Fish eagles, Herons, King fishers, cranes, Broadbills, bee eaters among others), the adjacent forest is also home to hundreds of frogs, Monkeys among others.


Lake Nyakibere is a gateway experience to the Uganda western life, the desire to protect and conserve the natural beauty attracted Lake Nyakikere lodging and accommodation services. There are various Eco-lodges that have been put in place in consideration not to miss out the drastic Nature views of lake Nyabikere, sleeping in your comfort listening to the voice of frogs arising from lake Nyabikere.

The accommodation ranges from budget to mid-range, it features the Presence of Eco-bandas built in an African setting on the undulating terrain that has alot to offer. There are camping sites for those who wish to enjoy camping in the Open nature. Camp fires can be organised.

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