Lake Nakuru Rift Valley Soda Lake Kenya

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Lake Nakuru is one of the riftvalley Kenya soda lakes with much to experience and fall in love with, the whole harmony raised at an elevation of 1,754 metres above sea level confines a natural breeze pungent with the fragrance of jasmine attracting water loving birds especially lake Nakuru flamingos that most often line the shores.

In 1990s, Lake Nakuru water levels were recorded to have dropped dramatically but because of it’s position being in the rift valley, It has largely recovered thus attracting more species. This was followed by an alarming water levels in 2013, the levels hit to its maximum and caused hundreds of flamingos to migrate to Lake Bogoria in search for enough food supply.

The word “Nakuru” is a Masai language phrase which literally means “Dust or Dusty Place”, there is much historical facts about this place and our guide will brief you more about this ancient lake. The lake sits just an arm away from Nakuru town which came into existence in the early 1960s. The town grew from a nucleus due to the majestic features like the hills (Enasoit, Honeymoon, Lion hill ridge) and other mountainous scenes which now extends to include a large part of the Park.

A kenya tour to Lake Nakuru gives you authentic views to hundreds of water loving birds that skim and splash over the waters in an absolute harmony. The rift valley is a tribute to Lake Nakuru’s richness, being conserved and protected by Lake Nakuru National Park.

Visit Lake Nakuru on your Kenya safari package to see hundreds of floating flamingos and its wide ecological diversity and varied habitats around the riftvalley, the rcoky defined escarpments give a beautifully picturesque and an ideal centre for all birding Safaris.

Lake is also a watering point to hundreds of wildlife Species, and most often on your game safari, you will encounter with baboons, warthogs, more than 56 different mammal species including white rhinos and water-bucks, lions, zebras and other animals.

Lake Nakuru is surely a gateway for a traveler to feature his effort in Kenya’s best Known destinations for better Image captions, with hundreds of flamingos bathing in the lake, others nesting on the banks, such a hot-spot that is not easy to find in Africa.

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