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Enjoy superlative Lake Mburo national park accommodation offers, much more than beautiful, spacious rooms and flavored recipes for your best Lake Mburo Safari adventure, the spreading futuristic Lake Mburo National Park accommodation hotels living units unequaled in East Africa making it a living orchard and a gem in Uganda’s tourism crown and a home to breath taking panoramic views to the western Uganda Savannah just a short distance away from the Capital City Kampala.

Arcadia Cottages: The Arcadia Cottages are enormous and offer amazing sweeping views overlooking the Lake Mburo national park accommodation, Savannah’s top secrets, the shores of Lake Mburo with a unique blend of comfort. The Arcadia Cottages form part of the The Arcadia lodges and the The Arcadia Cottage Bunyonyi. The The Arcadia lodge does operate most of the Safari accommodation in Uganda. The elegant old world charm offers midrange facilities and can be accessed just 2 km from Rwonyo which is the heart of the park. The Arcadia Cottages rise up to offer spiced amenities in the Park, with a chance to enjoy game drives, Lake Mburo boat cruises, Nature walks Mburo, Birding hotspots etc.

The Arcadia Cottages comprises of 8 chalets all stemming in a magnificent arrangement around the central lodge building coupled up by the cheeky restaurant and bar, it’s not a boring or cold moment here, keep warm on your Lake Mburo National Park Ultimate holiday tour as feel the Open fires. The structure of Arcadia Cottages is organised as double cottages with comfortable double beds and en suite bath rooms, one can also opt for family cottages with double beds or twin beds plus WiFi and a connected TV.

Rwonyo Rest Camp: Rwonyo Rest Camp gives a particular interest as a budget lodge in the National Park, feel the authentic African culture as well as experiencing the true African style, relaxing in a locally made gem constructed using local materials like the African thatched grass and wood. The Rwonyo Rest Camp is being run and maintained by the Uganda wildlife Authority. Be welcomed by the Rwonyo Rest Camp friends who often visit the premises, Fall in love with nature as you view most of the animals coming around this camp to give visitors a chance to view game without a game drive.

Rwonyo Rest Camp has bandas and tented rooms built of elevated wooden platforms offering ridiculously comfortable beds as well as both private and shared showers, for a spiced relaxation after am active day, one has to consider the price fares, Rwonyo tents are a bit more expensive compared to the bandas. Some of our clients who have prepared for camping experiences, love hiring tents with in, it can therefore be concluded that the Rwonyo rest camp is an ideal centre for the budget travellers.

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge: Lake Mburo Safari Lodge provides the perfect base from which to enjoy the ultimate Lake Mburo Safaris, With its unspoiled private thatched cottage comprising of two exceptional safari properties which include; the family cottage and the honeymoon cottages well-appointed with decks overlooking the tranquillity of Mburo Park, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge offers stunning options to visitors with varying budgets, the price fares are worth it and give a maximum value to visitors.

The private thatched cottages constructed in stone and thatch, blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, its unique charm comprises of the locally made hand crafted furniture, the ridiculously comfortable sized bed, wardrobes, mosquito nets etc. Having it mind, the cottages are en-suite with shower rooms pinned in a private and rather stylish African cottages.

The honeymoon cottage offers great cuisine and impeccable personal services, it comprises of the kitchen, coffee makers, fridges etc. Food is always picked from the main lodge where you will find enticing recipes, for the wine enthusiast, it’s a parade of premium fine wines in the main lodge bar.

The Mantana Tented Camp Lake Mburo National park. Have an authentic taste to the Savannah feeling the whispering unspoiled jungle, The Mantana Tented Camp facilities include; en suite bath pinned to sum up the spiced adventure. It comprises classic nine tents pinned on the African wooden platforms with a perfect location to gaze mouth open at the tranquility of unspoiled Mburo Savannah, untouched by mass tourism.

Should you need to fit some work in during your Mburo Safari tour, The Mantana Tented Camp runs a wi-fi connection to keep you intouch with the rest of the world. The well set solar system gives you a chance to enjoy hot showers after a long day. The Mantana Tented Camp is an up market tented camp which has been in existence for many years with its reliable lodging facilities. The Mantana Tented Camp keeps you intact with the Savannah’s wildlife, the bush breakfast, dinners or lunch gives you a sweet taste to spy at the bi-passing animals in the park in just a close distance.

The Mantana Tented Camp is the best preferred Safari lodge, with its enormous open view arranged immediately from the balcony where you can sit and gaze at nature as you sip your cold drink. It’s an ideal place for game viewing as well as the fine place for an overnight to those planning to opt for Bwindi Impenetrable forest for a gorilla trek, Nature walks, Bicycle riding, Boat drives, Mburo Wildlife Salt lick etc.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge: Eagle’s Nest Lodge is a budget lodge and can be accessed with in the outskirts of Mburo, it’s an ideal hotspot to sight at the grazing zebras. It stands on the hill bordering the park rendering it easy to feel the sweeping views of the Savannah plains and distant valleys in the park. Eagle’s Nest Lodge doe comprise of a serenity of interesting recipes, the Eagle’s Nest Lodge bar, the cosy restaurants, lounge overlooking a deserted wilderness that echoes back to your ears with a dead sound from the whispering jungle where Mburo wildlife species do occupy.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge comprises of ten sumptuous tents each with full en-suite facilities, in door shower, eco toilets blended in a natural setting with fully furnished tents, it comprises of twin beds with solar lights, an extensive veranda pointing to lake Mburo, Visitors tend to enjoy early game drives from the lodge to the spreading landscapes through a bitten off path to trap the early raisers in the park.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge offers stunning positions in the park to enjoy game drives all the time at no extra fee. The Eagle’s Nest Lodge is coupled up by 12 tents in African local way setting, with thatched roofs shielding you away from the equatorial sunlight or sometimes the periodical rains in the Savannah. The landscape breeze adds flavor to the mburo’s recipes.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge is a low priced lodge,  provides a perfect environment to relax after an active day, the open gaze from the veranda as you get showered by the sweet orange sun rises or sunsets in the evening up the hill is enormous, Relax, as beyond the horizons feeding your eyes with Mburo spectacular views. Cold drinks are available, spiced African cuisine prepared in African pots present a wonderful appetite as you also feel the burning campfires.

Mihingo Lodge: Mihingo Lodge is a harmony of an African culture shielded in the wilderness most often accessed but with unspoiled relaxing ridiculous zones, it was built using rocky boulders, local materials and decked with numerous artifacts. The lodge is owned by the Germans, and have consistently keep the sweet fragrance in the premises, enjoy your recipes in one of the 10 luxury tented rooms with suite bathrooms, running in with hot and cold water, an open veranda testifying to the Mburo saddle.

The tented rooms are arranged in a wooden platform setting, covered by the local Africa thatched roofs, the swimming pool in the yard is a fine place to busk at the sunlight rays as you relax for the next activity.

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