Lake Ihema in the Akagera National Park Rwanda Safaris

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The vigorous and optimistic blue waters of Lake Ihema sustains its beauty just in the engrossing Savannah regions of Rwanda’s habitats as seen southern parts of the delighting Akagera National Park where life starts in Rwanda.

One can clearly see the coiling muscular currents of Akagera River flooding to a number of water basins where it includes the raised 90 square kilometers by land coverage, Lake Ihema building its touristic nature at an altitude range of 1,292 metres. It is key to note that low lying Lake Ihema in the dry creek bed stands in a depth of about 5 to 7 metres deep with variations basing on the season or climate of the environment. Well the Nature of Lake Ihema renders it to be the biggest lake in the Akagera National Park hugging borders with Tanzania south wards.

The intriguing Lake Ihema builds a rich ecosystem in its biodiversity where numerous Rwanda Life compromises its life from ie both aquatic and land wildlife species. A Rwanda Safari to the pleasing lake catches your attention as you navigate on top of water sighting at a school of dwelling hippos and the basking crocodiles.

Lake Ihema is a focal point for Birding Safari Rwanda, this is the best place for bird lovers, it attracts over 500 bird species in the biosphere. Have a chance on your Birding Lake ihema safari to spot at the East Africa’s unique birds like the papayrus Gonolek, the rare shoe bill and the prominent endemic ones; the Malachite King fishers, Fish Eagles, Sandpipers, Herons, Hawks, Jacanas, Ibis just to mention but a few.

Lake Ihema Surroundings and the Attracting Nature around

Just a step in the Croc-infested Lake Ihema on your Lake Ihema Safari, you will be welcomed by the ridge down toward a patch of grass where the scented spruce branches easily clutched at clothes, the huge surrounding perennial and seasonal papyrus swamp which is a home to the rare shoebill, this mouth-watering niche harbors most of the Lake’s Bird species. The drainage wetlands are a source of life to the ecosystem with in the National Park, it can be seen clearly on your Rwanda Safari as you spot out numerous wildlife crossing here to drink water especially on hot sunny days. For Birders this is a worthy part for your adventure as you encounter with hundreds of birds swimming and floating on top of water forming a bird sanctuary in the place

Some of the dwelling shores of the lake are seen covered with water hyacinth extending to the lake section in the park giving a negative impact to the biodiversity. This increasingly lowers the quality of water giving less or no oxygen and temperatures to the lower-lying depth of the lake which in turn limits aquatic life. On your Rwanda Safari, lake Ihema thrills you to the best Rwanda Tourist attraction activities like spot fishing, birding, Boat Drives, Nature walks, Game drives, Wildlife viewing and other safari activities.

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