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Lake George (Lake Dweru) is one of the best Uganda Safari places full of life as you sail over the waterbody viewing wildlife like the spottable school of hippos, numerous birds, the locals and other activities. Itspans a surface area of 250 square kilometers.It is a part of the Africa’s Great Lakes system. It can be seen in western part of the East Africa’s Rift Valley possessing its major catchment area within the Rwenzori ranges.

Lake George was named after a member of the British royal family and is seen extending 914 meters in altitude above sea level, receives two rainy seasons, and has the rainfall peaks in May and October whereas the monthly mean rainfall ranges are experienced from 3-194 mm.

Lake George is not considered as one of the Great Lakes just like the other lakes in the region, it was named after a member of the British royal family, Prince George, later to become King George V of the United Kingdom by then. Lake George drains to the southwest into Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel.

Explorer Henry M. Stanley is believed to be the the first European to see the lake in 1875, after following the course of the Katonga river from . Thinking it was part of Lake Albert, he named it Beatrice Gulf. However, On his second visit in 1888 through 1889, he realized that there were two independent lakes, and gave it its current name.

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Lake George has two major islands recorded as Kankuranga, Iranqara as well as Akika. Lake George’s inflows are seen to be Dura and Mpanga from northeast, Nsonge, Rumi, in addition to Mubuku from Rwenzori. (Mubuku generates hydro-electric power in the area).

Things to do in Lake George, what to do and See on Lake George

Activities on Lake George: Birding, Fishing, wild life, Game drives, Nature walks, Trails, Boat launchs, canoeing, sightseeing, wild life like hippos, antelopes, Uganda kobs, buffalos, warthogs, monkeys, hyenas, zebras, buffalos, baboons among others.

A Guide to Lake George Uganda Safaris-Map Location

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Lake George Uganda Queen elizabeth

The good thing about this lake George, you are asured of watching may enderged species in the motherly lake as you sail over the bouncing water in the basind of lake kyoga Uganda

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