Lake Bunyonyi Uganda, deepest lake in Africa

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Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa encircles with 29 islands, Steep hill sides, terraces which are overlooking the rolling hills. The word Bunyonyi is derived from a local name meaning a place of many birds and yes the area inhabits approximately 200 bird species.

It’s located in the southern western Uganda between Kisoro and 7km west of town on a total surface of 1,962sqaure meter. The lake appears on the 5000 Uganda shillings note, one of the island on the lake is where the Bakiga used to leave pregnant women who were not ready for marriage to die of hunger or well trying to swim to the mainland. The lake is Bilharzia free, no crocodiles, and hippos this favors all the activities taking place at the lake including Swimming, canoeing, hiking, biking, nature walks ,chill out relaxation, culture encounter, village visits.

What to do and see on Lake Bunyonyi

Birding, at this magical place of birds you can have a great opportunity at Lake Bunyonyi where you might spot out a big number of 200 birds on a boat safari with your own birding guide who has knowledge and information about birding on various islands surrounding the shores of the lake.

Canoeing: take a Canoe ride to explore Uganda’s magical lake with a guide to discover the 29 islands. This can be a whole day event. Camping (optional) for an overnight on one of the islands to enjoy a thrilling experience and encounter on one of the deepest lakes in Uganda.

Swimming: lake Bunyonyi is a perfect place for swimmers since its bilharzia free, no hippos or crocodiles, making it a safer place for swimming, although its deep and the second deepest in Africa you outer to be a good swimmer but certainly to enjoy on your stay, and one can as well swim (option) in the swimming pools of some lodges around Lake Bunyonyi.

Nature walks: have a walk on both islands and around the lake with an experienced guide who knows the area, so that you don’t miss out any of the beautiful sceneries as well as not to get lost. Some of these walks will lead you to villages where you will see Ugandans carrying out their daily activities for example cattle grazing, farming and many more.

Relax and chill: Bunyonyi is the best place to chill and relax near the water body as you enjoy your meal. One of the culinary found at the lake is the Cray fish which is cooked at all times in all dishes from pizza to paste.

Culture encounter: spend some time interacting with the locals including the Batwa people who once lived in the forest as food gatherers and hunters, interact with them and share stories together, meet their local doctor, learn about different herbal medicines

Accommodation: lake Bunyonyi is surrounded with a number of lodges, camps and cottages to give you a comfortable sleep over more so to enjoy your stay. [Bunyonyi overland lodge, Bunyonyi safaris Resort, Heritage lodge,Habuharo]

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