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The famous Kyambura Game Reserve or Chambura Game Reserve can be sighted westwards in the flat borders of in south western Uganda spanning about 1 km wide, drained by the meandering kyambura river in the swampy gallery of forests.

The stunning fringing ridges and the Savannah woodlands intersected by the life giving river, are enormous and a must visit place on your as it gives alluring beautifully sceneries invested by a rewarding number wildlife like primates, Birds and other dwelling wildlife that total up the kyambura Gorge bio-diversity.

The verdant riverine forest Kyambura Gorge River importantly is noticed to be a source of water to numerous queen Elizabeth wildlife in the area. On your , Depending on your Uganda Safari budget, you have a chance to tour kyambura Gorge for your rewarding memorable experience.

The latter is a buffering zone to the striking Queen Elizabeth national Park-also referred to as the “mweya” by the locals. The situated 11 kilometres gorge incorporates itself to the inspiring marking its boundaries from this focal point.

Have an experience to the verdant, rich tropical rain forest thickly scented with spruce branches cutting ways in the thick forest that carpeted the uplands right close to the Uganda Equator crossing.

Feel the World in the raw, the home of 13 habitats where the twisted Joshua trees and the hot orange sunsets embress you with a chance to encounter with the habituated , other Uganda primates like the black-and-white colobus, baboons, vervet monkeys and red-tailed monkey. And other species like blue-headed bee-eater, the African finfoot among others.

Top Uganda safari tourist attractions in Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzee Tracking: Have you ever thought of playing with or hugging a chimpanzee? Well the kyambura gorge opens you to this memorable adventure. Many of the in the gorge are habituated and easily accessed, you can be close to them, and they are familiar and friendly to humans.

Guided nature walks and forest walks

With our game ranger, we head into the a place swallowed up by the jungle, there are several trails in the forests that enable us to spot at the giant forest hogs, the shy Black and white Colubus monkeys and the jumpy red-tailed monkeys, squirrels, Vervet Monkeys and many others.

Bird watching Safari in Uganda

For bird lovers, well, this is the most reputable place for your Bird watching safari in Uganda. The gorge offers an arresting mood as you move around to see more than 600 bird species in the park, birding in Queen National Park registers a key focal point of all the east African National Parks due to rich in biodiversity incorporated by the Savannah and tropical rain forest that extensively hug with the Congo forest.

Bird watching Safari Queen Elizabeth takes you to the best places with numerous different species that are easily seen, on your Birding Uganda Safari, we take you to , , ,, , Katunguru Bridge area, Lake Kikorongo and the Katwe Area with salt deposits. Birding Uganda Safari tours can be booked through the Uganda tour and tour agency or by emailing us at

The numerous birds seen in the National Park shall include Black Bee-eater, White-tailed Lark, Martial Eagle, Black-rumped Buttonquail, Papyrus Gonolek, Pinkbacked Pelican, African Broadbill, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Papyrus Canary , Corncrake, Lesser, White-winged Warbler, African Skimmer, Chapin’s Flycatcher, a school of Flamingo, the shoebill, Bar-tailed Godwit, Fish Eagles and so many others

How to Access Kyambura Gorge

Depending on your safari budget, you can use either Charter flights from the to the Uganda western Kasese/Mweya Airstrip south western part at Mweya which is about 60 minutes, and then check in to the Safari lodges.

Another alternative, usually our tour guide picks you from the Entebbe Airport in a 4 wheel Drive-Safari Vehicle, Drives you along the Highway which is just 420 kilometres from the Capital City of Uganda-Kampala to Mbarara (the land of milk). Then from Mbarara proceed via the Mbarara-Fortportal-Kasese highway covering a total distance of about 410 kilometres.

Accommodation around Kyambura Gorge:

Queen Elizabeth and the inhabiting Kyambura gorge are key touristic centres for Muzungu , just a step outside the side, there stands well raised Uganda Safari accommodation lodges that are seen pointing to the captivating gorge in the Park for your comfortably and relaxation as you see Uganda nature in blue and white.

Wildlife in the Kyambura Gorge

The spectacular kyambura gorge escarpments with a thick forest that carpeted the uplands are sheltered by the thick rain forest traversed by river kyambura giving it rise to support numerous primates and other wildlife. The Uganda Safari opens you to the renowned chimpanzees in the niche, monkeys, baboons, hyenas, numerous bird species and so many animals. The location of Kyambura being in the epic Queen Elizabeth Park, gives it to rise to partner numerous wildlife that keep migrating to and from the latter to the gorge

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