Kisizi falls with SkyTrail zipline, Suspension Bridge, wildlife

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kisizi falls are magnificent set of pondering water falls centered on Kisiizi Hospital located in kisii parish in Nyarushanje Sub county in the Rukungiri western Uganda, the falls have an exceptional gory history    are seen pondering down to cover 30 metres over the sedimentary cliff with a rumbling sound that attracts from a distance as you approach near.

The falls emanate from River Rushoma that meanders through the swampy and veteran trees standing still like they have never been visited for, the site really never fails to impress due to the areas historical and geographical significance.

Kisizi falls and its cliff are known historically by the fact that the Bakiiga women who would get pregnant before marriage, they would be brought here and pushed from top to fall over the rocky cliffs, of course they would die, and the whole perimeter is a tale to so many lives. However this practice was discontinued and what had been a place of despair became a place of hope and healing as the church of Uganda established Kisizi hospital in the 1990’s and schools among others.

Kisizi is not only a factual point of mystery to the natives who could have lost their loved ones but it’s fenced as a tourist area and is famed for the scenic environment and trekking activities. It’s also one of the best birding destinations recorded in Uganda, Birders visit this area to see the endemics including the double toothed barbet, Ross turaco, cinnamon bea eater, chestnut-winged starlings, crested cranes hammer kops, Auger buzzard, sun birds, Cuckoo, grossbeak weaver, herons, eagles, Rpbinchat, African Paradise flycatcher and many water loving birds.

Kisizi falls location makes it easy for a Uganda tourist travelling to the a popular destination famed for Mountain Gorillas, the , Tourists normally branch off the bitten path to have a short awe at this Pleistocene feature with unending tales. One can tailor to include this place in his itinerary at a little price.

What to do and see around Kisizi falls.

Most of the travelers who visit this section find it attractive and worthy an experience as they get introduced to all what nature offers, nature lovers find it one of its kind because of its rich concentration of bird species, site viewing all around the cliffs paraded like developing escarpments, nature trekking along the cliffs adds it to unending fun, our guests also love canoeing along river rushoma and a trek hiking to the top of the falls.

Summary Activities: The scenic waterfall includes adventurous activities like the SkyTrail, a high-altitude high-adrenaline 3-stage zipline as well as a stunning monument, Kisiizi Falls Suspension Bridge, small cave and lagoon, Visitors Centre, visit the Kisiizi Hospital Power Limited Hydro-electric generator, Kayak on lagoon.

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