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Birding Kibale National Park Uganda Safari is a famous birding safari for bird lovers intending to bird in the prominent Kibale park in the southern section where your Uganda birding safari straddles in the finest Uganda grasslands

Kibale National Park lies in southern part of Uganda, it harbors moist evergreen rain forest, wildlife, Primates like chimpanzees. The whole park spans 766 square kilometers (296 sq mi) in size rendering a wide array of common birds and specials in its niche making it tractable for the Birding Uganda safari pleasing and rewarding. It is located between 1,100 metres (3,600 ft) to 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) in contains a diverse array of landscapes and is one of the last remaining expanses to contain both lowland and afro-montane forests.

Birding Kibale National park still squeezes the juice out of the palm, and the juice is worthy the squeeze. This paradise holds over more than 400 bird species, no wander it gives the best birding areas in Uganda a mark of its un comparable vicinity.

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Birding Kibale National park ,June 13, 2017 1/5starsscores its higher marks in the adjacent birding Uganda areas of Bigodi wetland swamp, numerous bird species are seen spreading in the clear cloud free space, vanishing their feathers over the other. The introduction of a community project here, made it excellent for the bird lovers intending to visiting Uganda for best birding areas, our experienced African Adventure guides in corporation with the Uganda wildlife, and the birding communities will satisfy your agility to birding safaris as they take you on a complete guided 4 hour trail in the reserved birding areas. This is the best birding areas Uganda due to its potential nature of attracting the Migratory birds especially in November to April.

Worried about the Best time for Bird watching Uganda?

The end justifies the meaning, on such a rewarding Birding Uganda safari, a detailed itinerary is provided to you, this summarizes all your worries in a single palm. Birding Kibale is a continued excellent routine safari throughout the year, well, due to the fluctuating climatic zonal conditions in the pearl of Africa-Uganda, the dry and wet seasons stagnate the process like the sunny conditions tend to support ripening of fruits in the forests which is a source of food to birds. Good periods for birding Kibale National Uganda are best suited from early March to Early June, then late August to November when the fruiting seasons give life to the nuptial plumage and basic plumage breeding.

It’s notably seen that months between late November and February do give rise to least amounts of rainfall due to the nature of the ecological cycle in the Kibale forest. Whereas, months of Late May to July, culminate to the most amount of rainfall received in the area which in return might lead to slippery impassable roads, hiking trails, slippery Birding Kibale forest trails. The uncontrollable delays surely might gazette our beauty beyond out as it limits your bird watching time.

Summary of the bird species in Kibale National Park.

Well, a key note about Birding Uganda Kibale National Park is that, we shall be able to spot out some of the bird species, due to the climatic variations, you might observe that some are endemic to Uganda and the other near endemic to Uganda.

Bird watching normally starts at 7am, very early morning at Kanyanchu, you will sport out many different bird species from trees and swamps, the Rare species include the White-collared Oliveback and Papyrus Canary, African grey parrot, The ground thrush, Black bee-eater, black-capped apalis, Black-eared ground thrush, blue-breasted kingfisher, Blue-headed bee-eater, Abyssinian ground thrush, Afep pigeon, African pitta , Brown illadopsis, Brown-chested alethe, Cassin’s spinetail Collared apalis, Papyrus Gonolek, White-winged Warbler, Little greenbul, Masked apalis, Western nicator, White-naped pigeon, Purple-breasted sunbird, Crowned eagle and many more.

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