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Straddling off the masaai mara plains, there exist the authentic Masaai people living in the distant harsh mountains of northern Kenya Savannah plains bordered by the Kenya game parks forming part of the African Great lakes in the cold universe surrounded by great lakes that offer refuge to the local natives as well as the masaai mara wildlife.

The Kenya Masaai People are a clustered Nilotic ethnic group that originated from the Ethiopian highlands years back before the virgin lands were stepped in, the masaai are comparatively are a large group with distinct ways of living deprived from their cultural norms and beliefs which in turn spreads to be an area that disregarded ancient civilization up to now.

It’s hard for the country to deviate the uncivilized masaai people to copy up with the current way of living, well, the governments in concern have adversely deployed and institutionalized unique programs to quit their ancient semi-nomadic way of life living but all in vain the societies have defiled and refused to adopt up the trend, Culturally they believe in the ancestral customs and beliefs, No wonder they have kept living in the scrub-lands and deserts.

The Masaai People dominantly occupy the southern Kenya and northern Tanzania open plateaus which favors their traditional agro-pastoralism way of living, they are believed to be part of the Nilo-Saharan group with resemblance in the language their language that they speak – the Maa Language, giving it a closer relationship to the clustered groups of the Dinka and Nuer Cultures.

The Masaai People have coped up and learnt unique languages in the country, through various ways like education; Many Masaai natives speak and write English and Swahili which are the official languages of Kenya and Tanzania.

The Masaai People in all regions welcome unique visits to their clustered villages to have an experience with their way of living, they are able to perform Cultural dances that attract tourists to even join them up in the dances. Well short visits are arranged to have an experience with the masaai ethnic groups who cling to their traditional heritage.

Historically their Origin, migration and assimilation has to been recorded to have dated from the 15th century originating from the lower Nile Valley hitting the northern Kenya wilderness trunks around the Lake Turkana northwest Kenya basins that had boggy and green virgin vegetation. Due to the cluster splitting from the prior main ethnic group that had originated from the Ethiopian highlands, the masai people came later and displaced the early inhabitants and assimilating part of the southern group into the Maasai society.

Their nomadic Pastoral life left them covering the biggest part in the Africa Great Rift Valley just a short distance from the stirring northern naked rocks of Mount Marsabit in the Southern dry virgin lands covering up their largest Nilotic group extensively  to the southern Dodoma.

The Masaai are believed to be tall in Nature, and are cattle lovers who graze in large herds. Well they walked for longer distances in search for pasture for their cattle as afar as the Coastal Plains of Tanga region towards the prominent east Africa Rift valley Lake Tanganyika.

The Authentic Cultural Encounters include short visits to the Masaai people who cling to their traditional heritage, with alluring cultural activities performed by the Masaai.

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