The Karamojong People in the Northern Uganda

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The Karamojong people are one of the exotic ethnic groups situated in an open country in a dry creek bed covering the Northern Uganda Savannah plains that support their agro-pastoralism culture extending north east wards.

According to the natives, they believe that the name “Karamojong” is delivered from the word “ekar ngimojong”, which literally means “the old men can walk no farther”, Interesting word, Not so?, Perhaps they could have moved for a long distance all the way from Ethiopia to distant parts, And now because of their Age, they got tired and worn out hence the name.

Karamojong people were previously known as the “Jie”, well, they have close resemblances to the Nilo-Saharan culture and have common attributes, they share the same language and their cultures and way of living tend to bridge a closer space. They are well known to be tall and many country natives believe their physical strength and appearance is exactly like that of the Pleistocene Bachwezi People who were very tall and predominantly cattle grazers.

According to the ancient books that describe the culture of Uganda, the Karamojong people are believed to have been early immigrants from the Ethiopia rugged plains sloping to the southern parts in refuge for water and pasture for their cattle. They form up in a group setting extensively occupying a big land mass in the northern Uganda, They are the early inhabitants of the great southern Uganda dry Savannah plains.

The ancient immigrants from Ethiopia didn’t all at once settle in the Uganda Northern plains, As agro-pastoralists, they needed enough vast and virgin lands, they had to split into three groups towards the Ethiopia – Kenya highlands on the border, the second group subscribed to the present northern kenya plains in the Masai Mara Savannah plains ganging up to form the , leaving the remaining group floating to the west to form the Ateker culture who split in joints to form small nucleuses of Clustered cultures like Iteso, Dodoth, the present day Kumam in Uganda, the Jiye and Toposa falling off to remain in the southern Sudan.

How did the Karamojong People, Cluster off to form up in Northern Uganda?

Spanning from the previous group splitting on the Ethiopia – Kenya boarders, the clustered Dodoth group walked through the mosaic pattern in African habitats and settled in Apule region – the northern area engrossing up to form the present Karamoja region. Whereas the other group, “the Jie” that currently occupies the northern Kotido district are believed to have clustered themselves off from the Turkana group in kenya.

However, history has it that, a sum of about seven clusters that had earlier split, later emerged in the compelling thrusting spires of naked rocks in the Savannah vegetation, the present Southern Karamoja that is formed up by 3 ethnic clustered groups ie. The Pian occupying the southern Savannah plains, The Bokora in the western part and the Matheniko seen around the rocky defined Mount Elgon east wards.

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