Kaniyo Pabidi Forest Murchison falls National Park

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We visit the Kaniyo Pabidi forest a natural habitat with hares scampering away from us up ahead where the tufts of wood species like Mahogany sorely fleck the blanket of grass to extend further covering a distance of about 8 kilometers offering a fine home ground for the friends of man, the Primate Chimpanzees.

Kaniyo Pabidi Forest is a true Africa authentic wilderness settled to form an arch of ever green canopies above our heads stretching to the southern part of in the midst of Kichumbanyobo gate, making impenetrable on the other side. The huffing and hooting, screaming and grunting sound from deep in the interior forests is an evidence to the forest dwellers like the primates (Chimps, Monkeys), numerous bird species like different species of horn-bills, yellow footed flycatchers, owls, Chocolate Backed Kingfisher, the Ituri batis, Eagles, uvel’s Illaposis among others.

Kaniyo Pabidi forest forms part of the Buligi region which shares the beauty of the natural forest comforting our hearts with numerous authentic Africa game Safaris through a tower of numerous forest species compacted with numerous Savannah vegetation screeching high up in the canopy of trees reflecting an ideal environment to forest dwellers.

Be guided on your Uganda game viewing Safari to enjoy the serrated true authenticity of Africa wilderness with nature sightings to the extent arm of the active continental riftvalley forming marks with Lake Albert to hug borders with adjacent Democratic Republic of Congo. Our clients enjoy game viewing Safaris from Paraa Murchison falls to the River Nile delta. The vicinity is such a memorable lush beautifully Garden of Eden with loneliness deep and haunting ballads flaming from its ancient formation with a sweat taste of the true authentic Africa Safari.

The road drive from Paraa to the Nile Delta is averagely a 3- 4 hours drive using our monster 4 x 4 wheel drive Safari Van to have sightings to the wilderness, the guided drives normally take place both early morning hours and in the evening hours traversing the Kaniyo Pabidi forest. The game viewing Safari via this forest opens us to the Nile delta a breeding ground to the hundreds of Nile crocodiles, schools of Hippos, forest baboons, antelopes, hyenas and various bird species with high chances of sighting out the rare shoebill stork.

The large expansion of Kaniyo Pabidi forest forms a hoary fortresses and stands proudly with Savannah wildlife, we might spot out the cruel Scavengers of the bird world with corvid eyes well strained on to the lookout for a feathered meal in the forest and adjacent parts. Kaniyo Pabidi is also frequently visited by the bird lovers and often makes part of the Birding Uganda Safaris with higher chances to numerous bird watching Uganda species.

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