Ishasha Sector Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Ishasha Sector Queen Elizabeth National Park is a wonderful dimension down in the Savanah with in a rift edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Almost no one Visits Ishasha Sector to contemplate the philosophy behind it, but it represents the true authentic taste to Uganda’s most visited National Park with best ideas and clear wildlfie Sightings the pearl of Africa has ever had. Setting a side an enormous Africa’s wilderness to be kept wild and free for the dwellers especially the king of the Jungle seen resting in the tree banks.

Ishasha sector border, is a key point that acts as a border, crossing station and customs post in the Kanungu City, in the Western Region of Uganda. It is can be seen covering 350 metres from the Ishasha River. It borders Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo locally, and is 1.3 kilometers from the City of Ishasha.

Birding Ishasha sector Queen Elizabeth National Park: This is another big area that offers a lot to birders in Africa, despite being best-known for its tree-climbing lions. Species that can be seen here include: Shoebill, Palm-nut Vulture, Hooded Vulture, African White-backed Vulture, Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, Brown Snake Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Bateleur, Long-created Eagle, Martial Eagle, African Crowned Eagle and many more.

The border Section is well known to be a designated end of the Rukungiri – Kihihi – Ishasha – Kanungu Road. This partially forms the boundary of the Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and is also on the boundary of Virunga National Park in the Congo.

Tree Climbing Lions: Many people always feel delightful when they come to Ishasha because of this compelling and thrilling adventure, Seeing the tree climbing lions from a close distance. Nowander the place has been exceptional and catchy to the biggest percentage of Tourists who come to Africa/Uganda.

Ishasha Sector is ruled by the King of the Jungle, lion, and it can be notably seen climbing trees in the area. This place gives it an exceptional high credit in the entire Africa for wildlife viewing especially Lions. Many tourists come to the Southern section of Ishasha Sector purposely to take a look at the tree climbing lions, It’s a must for you to spot out numerous lions hanging on branches of trees visualizing out their immediate source of food(Uganda Kob), that are always seen grazing in the Ishasha plains

The captivating imaginations come to reality, this is evidenced by the tourists who end up visiting the of this park in the South. Our tour guide ably drives you to cover up a 2-hours drive to the absorbing Ishasha Sector. It’s also a leading habitat to many wild life like leopards, hyenas, among others.

Ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park

I highly recommend the work of African Adventure Travellers, its magnificent. i liked this safari, and i can surely give them a credit at customising such safaris.



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This was one of my best tours, i dont usually over talk about certain aspects, but the ishasha sector in queen Elizabeth National park is delightful, provocative to be in, and breathtaking indeed. The climbing lions just take your sight off, i encountered more than 40 lions on my game drive to the North

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Why do Lions Climb Trees? Tree climbing Lions

Building up several thoughts in our minds, what’s the key striking reason: These lions are uncommonness, having only two places in the Jungles of Africa habouring this specie ie. The ishasha section in queen Elizabeth National and L.Manyara in Tanzania, these places are pleasing,and provocative to be in, and breathtaking when you encounter with the king of the Jungle, clinging in trees, resting like a tortoise, while the the other wild life like the antelopes, buffaloes etc are seen grazing in the pristine adventurous wilderness of Africa.

Enjoy your guided game drives with our expert tour guides through the tracks that stem with in the forested amazon-like vegetation with the savanna plains mixed up with a cocktail of birds and wildlife.

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