Horse riding lake Mburo national park

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Visit the pleasurable Lake Mburo National Park with Horseback ride Safaris for your stunning guided Horse riding Lake Mburo National Park along the lake shore trails with the game park landscapes reflecting a living synthesis of wildlife animals.

The pleasurable Horse riding safari takes us to Lake Mburo National Park sighted at in the Kiruhura District western part of the Uganda believed to the mother of the Long horned Cattles. The Park covers a prepossessing land of about 30kms pointing eastwards of the largest City in the western region- Mbarara City.

Lake Mburo offers numerous game activities like Igongo cultural Centre, Bicycle tours,  Horseback ride safaris, the salt lick, Rubanga Forest, Cultural experience, Nature guided walks and Spot Fishing. The park also is a home to a variety of wild animals like hippopotamus, warthogs, impala, elands, warthogs, zebras, leopards, buffaloes, jackals, barboons and many more. For bird lovers you shall be impressed by ther 300 recorded bird species in the park that inhabit the Savannah Vegetation

The Horse riding adventure gives magnetic feel as you drive from the back of the horse viewing the Lake Mburo National Park in a guided close proximity. Our trained staff alongside a trained game ranger will take you towards the lake Mburo Country side for enormous great views through the compacted lush green vegetation.

The Lake Mburo horseback ride tour takes you further to the Mburo flat plateaus compacted with Savannah vegetation, a place swallowed up by the jungle where you encounter with numerous Uganda Kobs, Topis, and water bucks. Stand a chance to take on spot photos for your future valuable memories. Horse riding Lake Mburo National Park Safari takes us to 1 to 3 hours riding through the game park. In some reputable places depending on the place you checked in, Overnight horse rides are offered in only guided places that secure in the wild. An overnight at Mihingo Safari Lodge.

Lake Mburo National Park offers both horseback rides for Advanced riders and learners. The custom is provided from the horse ride areas, this is where you even get assigned a game ranger to accompany with you on your ride

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