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Mountain Hiking Uganda is an alluring Uganda Safari that involves vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside, hiking mountains makes you feel the authentic nature of the serrated Uganda mountains looming in the distance engrossed by the Savannah ragged terrains, Mountain Climbing is a preferred choice by many tourists who prefer mountain Hiking Safaris or bush walking Safaris with enormous wilderness encounters like wildlife, local cultures, Uganda birding Safaris etc.

Well, hiking mountains is preferably the most professional activity liked by the tourists who prefer long, vigorous walks through the mountainous forest trails where the earth’s crust make up the compacted rocks piercing the sky, the foot trails or foot paths on the countryside guide us towards the summit. Mountain climbing involves numerous scenic views that are r rewarding as you place a foot in the area swallowed by the jungle.

Well, Mountain Climbing Uganda activity is healthy and emphasized to all mountaineers to try and feel the growing nature full of life through the spanning vast lands down the foot hills with a lot of vegetation cover and wildlife like the hyenas, monkeys, butterflies and numerous forest dwelling species not forgetting the stubborn numerous Uganda birds which corrode to 500 unique bird species.

A customised hiking mountains safari can also include birding, Nature walks down the villages, Culture encounters, nature views, wildlife safaris, game drives, chimpanzee tracking safaris, Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris, Golden Monkey tracking. Depending on your Uganda Hiking safari budget, the adventure is worth rewarding.


Mountain Hiking, Mountaineering Uganda Tours, Mountain Climbing Uganda
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Mountain Hiking, Mountaineering Uganda Tours, Mountain Climbing Uganda
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Mountain Hiking, Hiking trails, wildlife Uganda, Birding encounters, Culture

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Where to go, best hiking places, Mountain Hiking Uganda

Hiking mountains occurs in numerous volcanic and block mountains, the best and popular hiked mountain is the mountains of the moon. Hike Uganda Mountain Rwenzori-Mountain which is seen piercing the sky. Hiking mountain should be your key to hike Uganda Mountains.

Hiking Safaris, Mountain of the Moon hiking, Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Mountain Climbing over the – Mountains of the moon offers you the Uganda hiking trails that are famously used by the hikers on their Uganda Safari, the central circuit, and the Mahoma Nature Trail are magnificent mountain rwenzori trails.

The Rwenzori Mountain Central circuit lasts for 7 days and can be affordable to both the beginners and the experienced hikers, well towards the summit, you have a chance to hike the Margherita (5109), Luigi di Saviola (4626), and Speke (4889)

The Rwenzori Mountain Mahoma Nature Trail is for the experienced hikers ready to undertake a 28 kilometres long foot trail, the trail starts and ends at Nyakalengijo Gate of the national park. Through the lower rwenzori slopes, the trail takes us 3 days hiking the adventurous rocky slopes full of enormous attracting scenes, well the trail is less strenuous compared to the latter, you will encounter with Mountain Rwenzori Primates, Craters, rivers, bird species, vegetation types and many more.

Other popular East African Hiking Mountains Safari;

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For multi-day hiking Safari experiences, the Safari accommodation is in huts and tents at different hiking campsites along the hiking trails. We do provide the tents in case you do not have personal tent equipment and hiking tools

Recommended Mountain Hiking Equipments

We recommend you carry these items with you: insect repellents, rain jackets, warm jackets, water proof hiking trousers, head caps, hand gloves, hiking boots, torch, water bottle, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, plate, cup, cutlery, and knife.

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