Uganda is in the pearl of Africa. It is a country full of happy people jolly and welcoming, Take note of the travel tips,there is lot to offer to have the best experience away from home during your travel with no worry of insecurity purpose. it’s a peaceful country with freedom.

The experience of Mountains, river, lakes, hills, cultivated lands, national parks, Islands, green vegetation, weather, etc. all these offers give you unforgettable experience you would ever want to encounter. Before the excitement to travel to the unique country, there are health and travel tips you must know before you travel.

When it comes to health, most travellers have never been sick while in Uganda. Remember Uganda is Ebola free at present however the following have to be put into consideration before your travel.

Vaccination: you must have up to date routine vaccines before the trip, some of the vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, chicken pox, influenza Hepatitis A, malaria (is a must done vaccination before you live your country for any trip)

Health water: you are recommended to drink fresh and health water which is purified by boiling or sterilizing with iodine tablets.

Take caution about eating local food: wash well before peeling the food, fresh fruits and vegetables .

Medical kit: there are many medical supplies in Uganda but limited medical facilities outside the capital city of Uganda, so this encourages you to carry a medical kit including bandages, cotton, wool, plaster in case you get an injury you will be fully equipped.

Move with sunglasses/shades to wear in order to prevent the dust, bacteria or insects from entering your eyes, this will help on eye problems.

Make reservations with African Adventure Travellers to assist with your travel and booking for your trip and lodge to any of the wildlife and tourist destination here in Uganda which suites your travel and desire in the country.

visa : if you’re a foreigner, the Uganda visa is always obtained at the airport upon your arrival at the Entebbe international airport.

There is also a new system for a tourist to obtain a visa online since 2016, to make travel easy in case there is change in the updates this can’t catch you unaware you can as well get the visa at the airport. The visa is valid for 3months at a charge of $100, And after you complete your intened period around, You are advised to return to your country.

In case your visa is invalid your asked to renew it at the immigration centre in Kampala to avoid embarrassed, detaining you at the police station or deporting you back to your country. Flying to Uganda has become more easier and more airlines have added Uganda to the African destination and each visitor who is traveling here has a main reason.

Mostly, tourists are seen traveling for safaris with the desire to see mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, heiking, birding, tree species, white water adventure, among others. The others travel for business, leisure, volunteering activities, among others.

Entebbe international Airport is the main gate way to Uganda, flying is not only used to travel to Uganda, you can also fly to the national parks with in the country.

Uganda is one of the countries that is safe concerning security purposes. It is enjoyable, every tourist yearns to stay and live in a free country, however for security purposes take care and be wise in money handling as you are aware of few things that will protect your valuables.

Mobile phones (Travel Tips): you can bring unlocked cell phone with you and purchase an MTN, Airtel or Orange sim card at your arrival to make communication better.

Internet access (Travel Tips): the use of WIFI is now running in the whole country ie. hotels and guest houses have internet access which is becoming more common and there are also hot spots in the city. Some restaurants like coffee shops, they always provide Wi-Fi to their customers. If you’re in the group, you can buy a router which you can use to connect to your laptops during travel.

Dress code (Travel Tips): Ugandans in Kampala are stylish. when you’re on safari, shorts and min skirts are usually considered for school boys and girls. The style f Africa is considered smart, traveling with an outfit that suites church and occasions like introductions must be considered with long skirts. You will find out that most cultures in Africa, women are advised not to put on short clothes.

Tipping in Uganda (Travel Tips): tipping is not common but as an ambassador of your country you can practice it here, its gladly accepted by the waiter, waitresses, tour guide, diver, lodge, and hotel staff, and much appreciated

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