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Guruguru Caves are located 25km away from Gulu town the biggest city in North Uganda in Amuru district when travelling to Gulu you can have a stopover at these caves. These caves were a hiding place of Lamoji during the resistance against colonial rule discernment decree of 1911, during the inter-clan rebellion the Acholi people were forced to hide inside these caves in order to resist the British rule. Acholi is the biggest tribe in the Northern part of Gulu.

Guruguru Caves give us a clear authentic view to the dry semi-arid northern Section with serrated clear landscapes mainly covered by short grass and convincing open views to the home of the Guruguru Caves a memorable zone well known as the stretching zone for the Lamogi Rebellion that occurred back way years.

It can be remembered as a place where many Lamogi fighters lost their lives as they tried to fight and resist against the British colonial rule, Most of the Lamogi fighters succumbed to death because of gas suffocation on Guru Guru Hills today seen in the present Amuru district.

In search for an authentic Safari, we branch of to these verdant mountain hills, a lush area off the bitten path, Feed your ears with stories about this Pleistocene feature seemingly tiresome to visit but worthy a best place to visit. The steep slopes hard as stone and somehow even less inviting gives a worthy trek towards the hidden caves for the ancient slayers.

Tourist Attractions in and around Guruguru Caves

The yellow-greyish featureless landscape around the hills is a home to Uganda Northern reptiles especially some can be seen busking in rocky caves on hot sunny days, the butterflies, the northern Monkeys who can be seen enjoying their freedom up in the trees, hundreds of Uganda Bird species etc.

The Guruguru trekking miles, the motion around the whole scene pointing down all the way from the wide open flat lands coupled up by the northern hot orange sunsets gives you a sovereign awe to a place lost in the pearl of Africa.

The Physical Composition Guruguru Caves is is recorded to comply granite boulders, sand, clayish soils. No wonder this was an ideal zone referred to as a safe haven to the Lamogi fighters. The locals have it that, these dark caves have partitions which would accommodate a troop of about 10 sub-calms to form up the Lamogi chiefdom.

The Guruguru caves still loom with a sense of intimacy about the early inhabitants, the cold grey crevices on the rock caves holding the blood of many battles gives you a clear image about what really happened here, this makes you feel that this was a sacred place for most of the Acholi slayers. Proceed to the top of the hills opening out in clear views, the scenery undulating to the lower farmlands in the present day Amuri district is enormous to feed your eyes.

Guruguru Caves take you through a place confined in the southern semi-arid zone, they can be accessed just 25 kilometers pointing off from Gulu town, and this can be included in your Uganda Safari as you plan to visit the northern culture living in the semi-arid Savannah Plains.

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