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Gorilla Tracking Safari Uganda is a delightful and engaging activity done in the forests and some time time in habituated parks and certainly to locate the mountain Gorillas. Gorilla Tracking Uganda – Trekking Gorillas is an absorbing activity done in the Uganda forests and national parks, certainly to locate the mountain Gorillas, like in bwindi, mgahinga, virunga, and the volcanoes National Park. Uganda has the most endangered species which are easy to trek

When to Trek / Visit Mountain Gorillas (Best period of Gorilla Trekking)

When choosing where to trek the Gorillas, the choice lies in the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. However,Ugnada is well known to be habituating more than half of the world’s Population of Gorillas, and these can be readily seen in their large numbers in different parts of the country like mgahinga, bwindi and alike. However the option is yours, if you are not interested in Uganda, then try Rwanda Gorilla Trekking or Congo Gorilla Trekking safaris.

Our Tourists who arrange with African Adventures Travellers for this pleasing expedition normally visit from June to September, then also from December to Early match. The striking positive effect is that, you can track Gorillas in Uganda at any time of the year, there are two best times in seasons to trek the Gorillas i.e. The dry and wet season which are regarded as high and low season. the low seasons summarizes it all when Gorilla permits tend to lower in prices.

The country of Uganda has two rainy seasons short and long rainy seasons which run from October-November and from March to May. The rest of the months are regarded as dry seasons relatively meaning high season.The good newsis that, you can still catch up with your intriguing dream of Tracking Gorillas. The high seasons are dry with no much rain, and the weather is tended to be cool in Uganda and Rwanda, this makes it easy for Gorilla Trekking

It’s always 220c and night 120c with the level of rainfall which is between 1,000m-2000m per annum, however the region offers a clear sky throughout the year because of its location near the equator and Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa and second largest in the world next to Amazon.

The location of Uganda, makes it to be a known as a travel destination country, for a whole year many tourists planning for their travel to this country with a unique weather. This is evidenced by the numerous numbers of Visitors in co-operation with African Adventure Travellers, who visit Uganda regularly.

The Perfect time for Gorilla Trekking is during the high season where visitors tend to flock in a big number. The Gorilla Permits tend to be cheap at a reduced price compared to other low-mid seasons. Many of Our clients always choose from June and September, December to February when it’s less rainy or sunnier.

Don’t forget the month of December is the most busiest month for Gorilla Tracking Uganda and tourists tend to visit in big numbers, we always advise our dear clients to book in advance with us in order to secure your Gorilla permits and Accommodation, If one is isn’t worried about the Pricing in this best season. Gorilla watching Safaris in different destinations need to be planned unlike other running short and long day tours

The price for the best and dry /high season is always at $600, since Gorilla trekking is conducted every day. During low season the permits are lowered from $600 to $450 for non-residents in this season as there are less visitors, the lodges and hotels are not full and they are discounted.

How to get Gorilla Permit to be ready for Gorilla Tracking Uganda

A permit is a card or document issued by the services or boards in charge of wildlife for example the Uganda wildlife Authority in and in Rwanda through the Rwanda Development board in Kigali or Ruhengeri which enables you to trek the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi, Mgahinga, or volcanoes in Rwanda.

The permit issued allows a visitor to view the Mountain Gorillas for 1 hour and the trek takes approximately 30mintes-9hours to encounter with the mountain Gorillas.

Which Company Should i use for Gorilla Tracking Uganda?: The relieving good news is, Booking with a tour company that has an experience of more than 7 years is a good remedy and a preliquisite for your safety and memorable adventure. Book in advance with the responsible tour company for your Gorilla expedition in Uganda to enable us to acquire to you the permit since the competition is high mostly in high season.

In different sectors the permits are outnumbered in a day i.e. the Rushaga sector offers 40 permits, Buhoma 24 permits, Ruhija 24 permits and Nkuringo 8 permits that means they are scarce. One opting for Gorilla Tracking Ugada is advised to at-least Book 5 months or prior your time of visit, one has to keep in mind about the permit they are holding because it determines the sector you will trek.

In Uganda there two National parks with mountain Gorillas, one is with four sectors of mountain and the other park is with one sector called the Nyakagezi Gorilla groups.

Gorilla Tracking Uganda Reserve Sectors in Uganda are readable and accessible. At least our clients are well assured of encountering many numbers of Gorillas in the zonal parts of the prominent pearl of Africa.inquire by emailing us info@gorillatripsuganda.com or call our toll office lines +256-414-597257 / +256-782-118037

Gorilla Tracking Uganda, Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Gorilla Tracking Uganda is a catchy expedition that takes you through numerous friends of man, the mountain Gorillas as seen in the habituated parts of Uganda like Bwindi and Mgahinga

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